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Which is better to choose a pillow to sleep

Today we can choose a pillow every shape, size, color.It's all a matter of taste.But the material that "stuffed" pillow depends on the quality of sleep, health and general condition.The store different types of fillings for pillows.

oldest traditional filler cushions to sleep.More than one generation has grown up on these pillows.They have long conquered its place in our beds.But one of the drawbacks of this filler - it collects dust.In these cushions can be got insect.And this filler may be a cause of allergy.

Synthetic fillers.
But today, you can find an alternative to conventional excipients.The benefit of science and technology do not deprive your attention any aspects of human life.Even the pillows.

This type fillers are sintiponovye komforelevye and fiber.Can Meet cushion latex - foam rubber, but these cushions are quite expensive, mainly used in orthopedic applications.Pillows of this type is easy to wash in a washing machine, easy to care for.The positive qualities of these fille
rs is the ability to retain shape and volume to keep warm.They do not cause allergies and are therefore suitable even for infants.Synthetic fillers for pillows treated with a special anti-bacterial compound.

cushions made with sheep's wool rarely cause allergies, very comfortable, well retain heat.But they have a huge minus - this material is short-lived.Within a few months of use wool strays.And you need to buy a new pillow.

Buckwheat husks.
If you want to sleep, not only relax, but also to obtain the effect of improvement, the buckwheat husk - your choice.Gentle massaging effect way to relieve the pain of the cervical spine.These pillows will save you from insomnia, because they have a unique smell.These cushions can be used in aromatherapy.Pillow filled with hypoallergenic, absorbs moisture and takes the form of the head.

Which is better to choose a pillow to sleep up to you.Good night.

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