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Diseases of the stomach and abdomen

2. Leytaminoz.

inhibit the ability of the stomach lining and intestines to recover.

3. The period of the epidemic.
Over a long period of the epidemic of influenza and colds, we accept different kinds of medicines.Aspirin and preparations on its basis mucosal damage and produce a large amount of gastric juice.Paracetamol is bad for the liver and disrupts its activities.

4. Stress.
Psychologists have noticed that those people who are subjected to mental illnesses, often suffer from stomach and abdomen.

And now we consider ourselves stomach and abdomen.

Gastritis - a disease of the stomach.When you have high acidity, aching pain in the upper abdomen, "the stomach".In the fasting state, and is coming in an hour - two after a meal, it bothers UNIMA only after the next meal.At low acidity, on the contrary, the appetite will not wait.But there will be indigestion, rumbling and all kinds of disorder.Gastritis can cause a disease of the pancreas, gall bladder and intestines.

ulcer - a disease of the stomach.It appears the painful sensations, the only one heartburn.It can sometimes hurt a little in the area of ​​the spine.Without the doctor does not understand that it hurts.

Heartburn - a disease of the stomach.Sometimes it occurs by itself, and can be a sign of disease.If you ate something from oriental cuisine, its appearance is not excluded.But if it does not disappear within three days.That is a sign of something more serious.What exactly can be found after the test.

When indigestion doctor will examine the activities of pancreatic.To do this, even a breath tests.And then, if you want to assign the dose of enzymes.Because nikotorye symptoms may be caused due to the decrease of enzyme activity.There is no corresponding analysis is necessary.

emergence of dyspepsia depends on its underlying cause.If it is - in the upper abdomen in the stomach area, you will very quickly load.And even a little food will cause heavy, belching, heartburn, nausea and bitterness in the mouth.If the bottom, you will see a swelling and dependence on the toilet.

sometimes stomach problems and stomach limited by weakness and drowsiness.But if they are still accrue frequent walking to the bathroom, it can be a problem in malabsorption.That is a bad matter digestibility.The reason for failure of pancreatic enzyme activity.Because it may be, and goiter.Often, this happens when the diet is added food protein in large quantities.When dysbacteriosis in the diet should not be roasted, freshly baked muffins, pickled, spicy, salty, smoked, canned food and soda.In such cases it is better to drink the infusion of herbs - they reduce inflammation.You can take herbs such as chamomile, mint, lime, rose.Decoction of calendula, plantain, caraway, fennel, and mother - stepmother, yarrow.Reduce the consumption of sweets.

The more problems you have diseases of the stomach and abdomen, so you should be careful with vegetables and fruits.
monitor their health and be always healthy.

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