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Methods of treating stretch marks

Argued that stretch arise only in connection with the problem of excess weight.But this view is not correct.Stretch marks indicate that the cells that produce collagen and elastin fibers were destroyed.This is due to the fact that the body secretes the hormone in excess of cortisol, which destroys collagen.It is for this reason stretch marks appear during the active hormonal changes the body - during pregnancy during adolescence.

According to scientists, every second woman, after five months of pregnancy stretch marks appear on the abdomen and chest.During this period, delicate skin becomes thinner, it needs more care than usual.Methods for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks on the skin to reduce the use of special creams and gels.And prevention is worth special attention.It is much more difficult to treat than prevent.One method - aromatherapy.To massage problem areas with oil of chamomile, lavender or rose.

only formed stretch marks can just lighten special creams.What they do not appear,

doctors advise taking vitamin E. If extensions are not great and after their education was no more than six months, you can try seaweed wrap.Spirulina is particularly effective.

Modern beauty salons recommend as one of the treatments for stretch marks - a combination of dermabrasion and peels.Striae discolored special laser, and then followed by treatment with ultrasonic waves.When ultrasound is completely removed the top layer of skin.A chemical peel, which makes the following, exfoliate dead skin cells.With this method stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and its elasticity increases.

Another method of treatment for stretch marks skin - mesotherapy.This method is widely used in the treatment of cellulite.Its essence is as follows.Under the skin, the active compounds are administered in small doses.These substances nourish the skin from within, restoring its elasticity.

Nursing mothers should understand that to start treatment they can stretch only after the cessation of lactation.And before performing any procedure you should consult with your doctor.

To remove stretch marks often use laser peels.This procedure is very complicated and expensive.Just preparing for this kind of treatment takes one to two months.Following the preparation of the operation itself should be.The patient is under anesthesia striae are cut with a laser beam.After surgery, you need to spend a day in the clinic and another 10-15 days without getting up from bed.After this comes a difficult recovery process, rubbing special creams.After the laser peel is contraindicated in the sun to appear.The procedure is painful, expensive and takes a lot of time.

Some supporters of radical measures, even decided on surgery.Such measures are justified, if the stretch is very pronounced and just disfigure the body.But this is an extreme case.Any operative intervention - the risk to health and even life.

But remember, it is better to prevent the formation of stretch marks than to try different treatments stretch marks.