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The shape of the body as an indicator of your health

For reference: a form of "apple" implies a broad waist and hips, "pear" - a narrow waist and wide hips.If the body is not directly visible bends, with a heavier upper part, is a "column", as a form of "hourglass" and do not need to decipher, vseponyatno here.

turns, determines the type of shape to some extent iprodolzhitelnost life, in particular, women with pear-shaped figure can expect to live ten years longer than women with yablokoobraznoy body shape.Fat, "podkoplenny" on his stomach, causes a shorter life expectancy.Men with beer bryushkomstoit thoughtful ... According to statistics given to observing them live on less than semnadtsatlet slim and lean.Abdominal fat is not only forcing tolstyakovpokupat clothes all larger and he is the main culprit povyshennogodavleniya, heart disease, diabetes and weight related imnedomogany.Surrounded, or rather, enveloping internal organs, fat really sense "does not give them breathe," preventing them normalnofunktsionirovat.Suffice it to recall the proverbial sh
ortness of breath in people with excess weight and belly hanging over the belt of his trousers.

pass from the abstract "pears" and "apples" to a real person.American movie star 37-year-old Kate Winslet and 38-year-old Christina Hendricks with a pear shape with a small waist and rounded shape of the lower part of the body feel great.According to our US and UK studies, women who at thirty overgrown Zhirkov waist Istan typical "apple", no longer rivals for life svoimgrushevidnym peers.Their life stop watch ticking at nine or ten years earlier watching her figure women.With men oboshlasesche stricter nature: those thirty years a huge drag on itself "trudovuyumozol" withdraw from life seventeen years earlier than the "macho" with the abdominals as a washboard.

Study leader Dr. Ashwell, previously worked at the government level, said the killing did not tolkozhir, but also the sluggishness of the abdominal muscles, forcing the internal organs work naiznos.V bustle of our lives is difficult to achieve ideal proportions of their own figures.Nokorrektirovat them really, which will support the body in the right tonuse.Dlya not enough to know your weight, but clearly, the extra weight - it's bad dlyazdorovya.A more objective characteristic to assess the degree of obesity (emaciation) is the body mass index, or BMI, which is calculated by a mathematical formula based on the ratio of a person's weight and height.But this figure does not distinguish between fat and muscle tissue, and then some athletes, athletes, health and beauty figures are to be envied, would be classified kakozhirevshie.

Dr. Ashwell insists on comparing the size of the waist to the growth.In her view, measure the circumference of the waist belt length should not exceed half the height rostacheloveka.That is, the growth of 164 cm woman should try to keep their waist vpredelah 82 cm, and with the growth of 175 cm - and can be 87.5 m. A little too much, and "pear-shaped" lady becomes "Apple" - all vytekayuschimiposledstviyami ...

DoMs. Ashwell had the opportunity to analyze the data for three thousand men and women across the UK for twenty years, which gave her the right to assert the authority prevoskhodstvemetoda comparison waist and growth compared with a BMI of at prognozirovaniivozmozhnogo life of man.Its advantage is that matching razmerytalii and growth, we know the size of fat on your stomach, and because it is "bad" fats, it is possible to estimate how disturbing things.It was hodeetih experiments, it was confirmed that the bulging belly taksuschestvenno affect a person's life.From CV-recommendation: derzhiterazmer waist bolshepoloviny not quantity of growth.

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