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Odnoiz most common diseases - sciatica.Onovstrechaetsya many people and usually occurs as a result drugihzabolevany.In itself, the disease poses no threat to health, NAAL this brings a lot of inconvenience to the patient.

Sedalischnyynerv starts at around the waist and pulled through to the coccyx back poverhnostinog.He is responsible for the normal operation of the legs and their sensitivity.Vospaleniesedalischnogo nerve there is no reason.To this problem may cause:

  • Full or partial displacement of the spinal disc;
  • Availability piriformis syndrome;
  • muscle injury or organs in the pelvis;
  • presence of tumors of any origin.

esliv notice at symptoms of sciatica, better vsegootpravitsya a doctor.This will help you avoid further negative consequences.

Simptomyvospaleniya sciatic nerve

Esliu have inflamed sciatic nerve, you will find it immediately.There ryadsimptomov that indicate the disease.Primarily etonalichie pain.And the pain is very diverse, so it is hard to describe.Vsezavisit the

degree of inflammation of the sciatic nerve and the state of organizmabolnogo.Important role played by the pain threshold.

Nekotoryelyudi characterize the pain as mild, almost tangible, felt nebolshoepokalyvanie or stretching.Someone complains of very severe pain, kotorayane gives even move.Therefore, it is impossible to know for sure what bolvozniknet patient.

HoBCO as certain characteristics of the pain is.Almost always bolevyeoschuscheniya localized in only one half of the body.Many patients complain that the pain manifests itself in one leg or a thigh, and another strong nogechuvstvuetsya numb muscles.Also, pain can be felt in goleni.Onemenie can be replaced by a strong tingling.In addition to pain and weakness onemeniyapoyavlyaetsya, and in both legs.Sometimes it can appear in rukes affected side.But this happens very rarely.

Bolevyeoschuscheniya when sciatica never occur immediately iintensivno.First, there is only mild pain and gradually it narastaet.Osobo severe pain occur at night.Also, pain can usilivatsyapri power load, when a person sits or stands up.There are times when the pain is so strong that we have to drink strong painkillers.Therefore, when diagnostirovaniidannogo disease, doctors recommend their patients to comply postelnyyrezhim.


Chtobyvovremya start proper treatment, the disease must be diagnostirovat.Opytny doctor will be able to do this quickly and easily.But as mentioned above, chaschevsego sciatica occurs because of another disease.Poetomuneobhodimo diagnose the cause of the inflammation, the disease is not nachaloprogressirovat.

diagnostics can be carried out in different ways.All depends on the skills and otpredpochteny doctor, as well as the general condition of the patient.Almost vsehsluchayah sciatica doctor detects the following symptoms:

  • disruption of normal mobility of the knee, foot or right to andother;
  • neurological reflexes may be impaired;
  • When lifting your feet up, a strong pain.

Kromepodobnogo study, the physician should assign the following research kotoryepomogut establish a correct diagnosis:

  • pelvic X-rays;
  • Laboratory blood tests, includingbiochemical;
  • In rare cases, appointed by magnetic resonance therapy.

Lechenievospaleniya sciatic nerve

first and foremost with the sciatica okazatsimptomaticheskoe necessary treatment that will ease inflammation.For etogomogut used several ways: pharmacological and physical.

Pervyeneskolko days, doctors recommend doing cool compresses.For this mozhnoispolzovat usual soft cloth soaked in cool water.And even better into the fabric -zavernut ice cubes and put to the places where pain oschuscheniyasamye strong.The duration of a compress should not last longer desyatiminut.

Eslibolevye feeling too strong, you can use obezbolivayuschiepreparaty that are sold in pharmacies.This may be ibuprofen tempalgin so on.But such measures will be effective only if the person budetsoblyudat bed rest at least two days.

Poslezabolevaniya return to normal physical activity is postepenno.Dve three weeks can not lift weights or engage fizicheskiminagruzkami.After four weeks, you can gradually return to zanyatiyamsportom, but gently.And only six weeks to recover physical nagruzkimozhno as usual.

Inogdabol is so strong that ordinary painkillers do not help.In takihsluchayah doctor writes you a prescription for powerful drugs, kotoryesnimut pain, and if the inflammation is strong, then the doctor will prescribe protivovospalitelnyepreparaty.If you do not like too much medication, try lechenienarodnymi means.But first consult your doctor.

  • Honey compresses.To make it, take three tablespoons of honey, melt and mix them with crushed pill dipyrone.The resulting smesnanesite on the sore spot, the top cover with gauze and leave for a couple of hours.
  • decoction of chamomile pharmacy - a cure for many diseases, including otvospaleniya sciatic nerve.To prepare the broth, take five stolovyhlozhek chamomile, pour them a liter of water and boil for ten minutes.Posleetogo let it brew broth for two hours, strain and take odnomustakanu a day for three days.


not requiring self-treatment and immediately contact your doctor.Especially stoitpotoropitsya an appointment if you notice one of the following symptoms:

  • raising the temperature to 38 degrees.Do not bring down the temperature to the treatment in the hospital!
  • of edema or redness in the back of the patient.
  • emergence of pain in the upper leg, which moved lower.
  • Severe numbness in the legs, thighs or pelvis.Can podkashivatsya feet.
  • appearance of a burning sensation during urination or blood in urine.
  • pain in the supine position is reinforced and does not sleep at night.

Vvysheukazannyh cases, it is not recommended to try to rid yourself otbolevyh sensations.You yourself will not be able to establish the cause vospaleniyasedalischnogo nerve, it can make only an experienced doctor.You samolecheniemmozhete only worsen their situation, and complications can be vesmasereznymi.

Unforgettable that sciatica is often the posledstviembolee serious illness.Therefore, the sooner you consult a doctor inachnete treatment, the sooner you will find the cause and prevent complications.