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Ozone IV: the use, indications, contraindications

Ozone - this is a great antiseptic, so it rassmatrivaetsyav as a substitute to many antibiotics that ozone exceeds the vsemparametram.It is well established that the ozone destroys not only bakterialnyezabolevaniya, but the majority of viruses, protozoa, and various fungi.Buduchichistym natural substance, ozone distinguishes harmful viruses from normal onsposoben destroy those viruses that are not killed by antibiotics, such as chlamydia, hepatitis, herpes virus.

The ozone is delivered to the body in different ways, depending of type of diseases and indications: intravenously, intramuscularly or zhepodkozhno.By necessity, ozone can enter vaginally and rektalno.Terapiya ozone involves not only treatment of certain diseases, but iobscheukreplyayuschee action;as prevention, ozone cleans the skin and organizmvoobsche.Moreover, studies have shown that after using ozonavosstanavlivaetsya metabolism occurs overall body strengthening.


Penetrating into the body, ozone immed

iately starts skletkami interaction in the cells it builds ozonoidnye bioactive gruppy.Blagodarya that each cell is provided with such groups and begins to destroy the membrane putemokisleniya various harmful microorganisms.Kogdamikroorganizm lose its protection, it will subsequently die thus operates antiseptic mechanism ozone.It is noteworthy that the very kletkiorganizma very well interact with ozone, and not only do not get nimaleyshego harm, they are, on the contrary, strengthened and absorb the energy.

Ozone acts as a immunomodulator antibakterialnoesredstvo, as a great anti-inflammatory agent, dezintoksikator, atakzhe a painkiller.In addition to conventional intravenous administration, it is now practiced by the use of autologous blood vterapii man who introduced ozon.Imenno this method eliminates the problems with metabolic disorders, restores hormonal balance.Also released oxygen iproiskhodit full recovery of oxygen transport.Vnutrivennayaozonoterapiya very good effect on blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, beneficial effects on the immune system, strengthening it.Continuing the theme of useful svoystvvnutrivennoy ozone therapy, it must be said that ozone eliminates mnogieallergicheskie reaction removes chronic fatigue, strengthens ivosstanavlivaet sexual activity.In addition to solving problems obmenomveschestv occur improvements in fat, protein and uglevodnogoprotsessov.

Also worth noting is painless and simple this vidaterapii, ozone allowed even to pregnant women.Unlike lecheniyastandartnymi means accelerates ozone treatment for 20%, while not harmful nuzhnoupotreblyat and heavy products.Plus people poluchaetkompleksnuyu support the body, cleaning and restoration of what nuzhenbyl to separate treatment.

Of course, it could not go unnoticed, and segodnyaozonoterapiya is becoming more widespread, asit is useful to lecheniiprakticheski all diseases.Through effective natransportirovku exposure and release of oxygen, ozone has been used successfully in mnogihsferah medicine, such as surgery, dermatology, gynecology and obstetrics, immunology, neurology, endocrinology, with venereal and infektsionnyhzabolevaniyah.

Pros protseduryozonoterapii

The first and most obvious effect is a general strengthening of the body, no lethargy, increased immunity.The body quickly gets rid of inflammation otrazlichnyh receives a comprehensive cleaning.In organizmeaktiviziruyutsya metabolic processes are restored cell membranes andtheir properties.It improves the functioning of the antioxidant system, neutralized rabotasvobodnyh radicals.It is impossible not to notice the improvement of the skin, kozhauvlazhnyaetsya and faster restores.

Once ozone enters the bloodstream, it is diluted, respectively, the blood quickly spreads through the body metabolizes poluchennyeveschestva, delivers them through the vessels to the cells and all organs of the body.Thus disease, many times improving the overall makeup of oxygen iveschestvami.Naturally, such a procedure has a positive effect on well-being, improves the function of the brain, lethargy and apathy disappears much vozrastayutintellektualnye abilities.

Given the problems of humanity with alcohol, ozone as nelzyakstati, showed his ability to heal damaged liver ethanol.Kakizvestno have alcoholic liver can not perform its function even at 30% .Estestvenno because of this suffering blood, she did not have time to be cleaned, and alcohol novyeportsii not handle the blood, eventually getting into the body imozg.The body produces a huge amount of toxins they produce knarusheniyu metabolic contaminate the plasma.In general, the body is not only unable to recover, but also violated even the functions that are necessary dlyanormalnoy life.As a result, developing mass ineobratimyh disease processes, such as cirrhosis of the liver and fatty degeneration.

In this case, if it enters the bloodstream, ozone starts aktivnovyvodit all products from the blood alcohol, replacing an inoperative liver, thus allowing the body to recover.Eventually vosstanavlivayutsyagepatsity not degenerate into fat tissue.


ozone intravenously administered in a saline solution, rastvorobogaschayut ozone by a special ozonizer, in fact, put obychnayakapelnitsa.But there is a very subtle and not noticeable moments, ozone can podolgunahoditsya solution after saturation, saline is necessary to enter into the body vtechenie 20 minutes, otherwise it will be displayed.Therefore, intravenous ozonatrebuet stay in the clinic.How much saline administered decides vrachv depending on the evidence and the characteristics of the organism, as a rule, from 200 ml do400.Such an amount of solution is able to penetrate into the body cherezkapelnitsu 15 minutes.Property features readings during and posleprotsedury not.After the introduction of ozone need to relax for 15-20 minutes, samaprotsedura recommended after a light lunch, but not on an empty stomach, no more nikakihogranicheny.


  • presence favism;
  • regular convulsions;
  • not blood clotting and other blood diseases;
  • bleeding;
  • during alcohol intoxication;
  • hemorrhagic stroke;
  • trambotsitov reduced level;
  • problems with increased thyroid function;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • direct contraindications to ozone.

In some cases ozone can exert pobochnyeeffekty temporary nature, for example, an increase in liver enzymes, which then quickly recover.Also there were cases chastogomocheispuskaniya, although for pregnant women with edema is also better takzhemogut appear hepatic colic.

If you know in advance that will be held ozone therapy, it is recommended to use for some time active supplements.

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