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Slimming Methods ZigZag

fact that kazhdyychelovek and his body - a single flora and it should be treated sindividualnym approach so as not to bring trouble.Usually, scientists assert chtozhenschinam need to reduce your calorie intake to 1200 calories a day.Is it nasamom fact, since every woman - is an individual, not only externally but ivnutrenne?

Complex accounting

Many nutritionists say that the number of calories for the day appointed for the reception of one representative of the female sex, may be unnecessary or insufficient for another.And the essence of the matter is notonly in the weight category, or growth, but also in the way of life.Zhenschinyimeyut different status and this is also reflected in them.So, one is eschestudentkoy and moves a lot, while an adult woman can bytsotrudnikom office all day long and spend their time at the computer, performing duties.

Individual approach

So when we uzheopredelilis that an individual approach - is that you should always uchityvatpri prescribing diet, go ahead

.What follows is a choice and opredelitsyav accordance with their wishes and possibilities of who budettschatelno follow the process of losing weight.You can contact the dietitian ilizhe independently conduct the process.Experience shows that many still nastorone the second option, because not everyone likes of News and medical intervention can afford it.If you choose №2, then give preference only samymstoyaschim options.

New techniques

Today staladostupna new method of weight loss, which is not opasnostizdorovya and provides a unique opportunity to quickly acquire the desired shape.

basic principle of ZigZag is to formulate energy costs and potreblyaemyhkilokalory in line with the opportunities and needs of each organizma.Dlya that each patient is treated as a separate individual.

Mifflin San Zheor and its formula

early as 2005 Formula znamenitogoMifflin San Zheora was recognized as the most effective.Its essence was konkretnyezapisi and description of the human body, as well as all fiziologicheskihprotsessov.That is the American Dietetic Association has adopted this formula kaknaibolee verotno true and proper requirements.

Formula Catch-MakKardla

formula of Catch-MakKardla one izraznovidnostey previous formula, but like all the others, it also has svoiotlichiya.The difference is that the basis of the new formula is ischislenieimenno fat and not the whole body.This method yavlyaetsyaidealnym outlet for those with weight is not too large.

Harris-Benedict formula

dlinnuyuistoriyu This formula has since developed a century ago.A prerequisite for dietologaproshlogo century was increasing dynamism of life.Teoriyapriblizitelno 5% by today's standards exaggerates the body's need vpische and calories.There is an option in cases of incorrect results from an early age in women who have a curvy shape.

Zig Zag technique

This technique imeetspetsialnye calculations and will help anyone who wants to choose one of the above formulas to achieve their results.For this klientustoit only decide what suits him.When you uzheopredelilis the formula, you can enter your data: weight, age, sex, height level of physical activity.Next technique itself ispolnyaetraschety automatically determines the level necessary for you to load the number of prinyatiyakilokalory a day and more.

level of physical activity, what is it?

Everyone has svoysobstvenny schedule, depending on which mode of the day, and accordingly, ifizicheskie load.We all know that one person gets up early and goes naprogulku or playing sports, while another may allow sebenichego do and spend their free time watching television lying nadivane.

program Zig-Zag opredelyaetvash load type and level of vitality.To zadatprogramme right direction is only to choose the respective item, which will meet the true norms of your activity.Budutvypolneny results in an automatic manner by means of integrated calculator.


sistemapodschitaet Once all the results, it will show on the display the following data:

  • basic needs,
  • weight reduction,
  • rapid weight loss, etc.

Main potrebnostizaklyuchayutsya to calculate how many calories you want to vashemuorganizmu not break, and improve metabolism.

In the category of weight loss vamtakzhe be itemized in detail the necessary information which will help izbavitsyaot extra kilos.

In the category of fast poterivesa will indicate the lowest levels of calories, for which vashikilogrammy will go into the past.Thus, the body will start programmubystrogo weight loss and the maximum will burn fat.But do not teryaytebditelnost because this indicator.You should not be too hard to lose volume, as it later can have the opposite effect and unwanted iskhod.Samostoyatelno sure the well-being and how responsive your organizmna this reduction.If you feel a sharp discomfort or negativnoevliyanie, the rate should be changed.

worth remembering that prisnizhenii number of calories the body begins to react to the action, thus slowing down the metabolism.This effect helps to reduce weight more smoothly, it is new and has its pitfalls.If the metabolism starts to decrease, it can lead to the fact that he will soon cease altogether.Podobnoedeystvie acquired more anciently called "plateau".That it says chtoizbavlenie of excess fat should be smooth and consistent, not rezkim.V procedure Zig Zag proposed 7-day cycle, which is designed for smooth, but the correct weight loss.

7 days you get Importantnotes to increase or decrease caloric food.Values ​​can izmenyatsyakazhdy day according to your parameters and standards of preparation.You dolzhnytschatelno fulfill all the prerequisites, that the right time to achieve zhelaemogorezultata.You can also protect yourself from sudden changes and prineseniyavreda throughout the body.Zig Zag program will also help see to it that the level of your metabolism is not reduced, because his termination govorito that calorie stop away.