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The most popular summer diseases

Allergy Allergies are starting to attack the human body since the beginning of spring, and continue suffering from the disease before the end of the summer.The causes of allergy is a lot.Some people suffer from an allergy to the sun's rays from other flowering plants, insect bites, from the medication.

allergy symptoms can be persistent snot, rash, sneezing, watery eyes, shortness of breath.If you see these symptoms in yourself, be sure to consult a doctor, he will prescribe you the necessary medicines.

most common colds in the summer suffer office workers and motorists.The thing is that they spend a lot of time under the air conditioning and incorrect use of this miracle of technology.Also in the summer, we often drink the cold and eat a lot of frozen juice, which can also cause the common cold.

Many believe tonsillitis winter disease, but in the summer they do not occur much less frequently.The reason for this disease is quite simple, because of the heat we choose for ourselves
icy drinks, as well as air-conditioning facilities.Often ill with angina in the summer not in a hurry to see a doctor, because they think it's incredible.Remember that if you are experiencing sore throat, you are increasing the tonsils, the temperature rises and a headache - all signs of a sore throat, and you urgently need to see a doctor.

If you suffer from angina, in the summer you had better give up the frozen juice and sit under the air conditioner.

In summer dermatologists much added work, and under their offices queues of patients, and those people who do not dare to pass the inspection, unfortunately, even more.The sand on the beach, wooden and plastic beds, a walk in the hot shoe or barefoot - all these points to the emergence of a skin fungal diseases may appear and thrush, and yet it is also a fungal disease.

Intestinal infections
summer abundance of intestinal infections.Because of the high temperature products deteriorate much faster, and is an excellent breeding ground for pathogens and habitats.Few neglected the rule that summer fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly.And while diving into the sea, zahlebnuv water can pick up E. coli.

Summer time - is the time when there is an aggravation of chronic cystitis, they can get sick, and for the first time.The sources of this problem can be wet with water swimsuit, swimming in polluted places, sitting on the plates and cooled down the sand.Danger and urinating in the water, since at this point in the urethra can get bacteria.

Many ear infections associated with drafts and frost, even otitis media may be caused by severe diseases of the throat.But beyond this there is another, typical for the summer season factor: first we sunbathe under the lukewarm sun and enjoy the warmth of it, and then go to dive into the water - as a result, often earn otitis.

There are several types of herpes, but the two most common - a herpes on the lips and genitals.If cold sores on the lip of jumps due to mild cold, then genital herpes occurs due to promiscuity.

STD STD - this disease is transmitted through sexual contact.Here's a reward awaits people who lead a hectic life and often change partners.Summer is just more often and becomes sometimes new acquaintances, holiday novels, for vacation, sea, sun, beach, alcohol - all this encourages people to want to get new experiences.Forgetting of passion about contraception and health - in response to a variety of diseases can be obtained, which is transmitted through sexual contact.

overheating and sunstroke
Doctors warn about the danger of getting heat stroke very often, but in spite of that, overheating this does not become less.Symptoms of these diseases include: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness in the whole body, fever, loss of consciousness.The fact is that we are so fascinated sunbathing, do not even notice how high the temperature is.Of course, everyone has his own perception of the limit on the temperature, but it is not recommended to stay in the sun 11 hours of the day and even up to 15.

To summarize, I would say that the summer is fine, it gives us a lot of good things, itfresh fruits and vegetables, sea and countryside recreation, entertainment, but do not forget about the dangers of the season.Be careful!

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