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Prevention and treatment of cracked nipples

Profilakticheskieprotsedury cracked nipples during gestation pregnancy

Chtobyizbezhat cracked nipples, doctors advise prepare future mums breast feeding kpredstoyaschemu.For the prevention of cracked nipples vazhnoobespechit proper care of feeding.Already in the third trimester of gestation pregnancy, when the nipples swell begins to stand colostrum.It was at this time nuzhnopozabotitsya on the prevention of cracked nipples are there to prevent drying of the skin vokrugnih.

Kakmozhno rarely wash the breast with soap, which removes the protective grease nipples, that only provokes dryness.It is better to wash with running water chest komnatnoytemperatury using the gel with the effect of a scrub that will help podgotovitsoski to friction.

Krometogo as preventing cracks daily gently pull the nipple rubbing dlyaego for two to three minutes with a towel.Zatemopolaskivayte chest first warm, then cool water to vyrabotatsposobnost muscles to cuts, which is important when feeding.

Takzhehorosho for use bra pads of cotton, steel chtobysoski bit rougher.

Profilakticheskieprotsedury cracked nipples in nursing mothers

Dazhepri regular care of the nipples during pregnancy and after childbirth, cracks inevitable with poor attachment to the child grudi.Poetomu is very important to learn to do it right.

So jaw newborn should be in the area of ​​the areola and nipple soska.Tak not relate to all the baby's mouth and will not be with the injured dёsnami.V result can be avoided rubbing nipples.

Lechenietreschin nipples

nontraded attention to the cracks in the nipples in any case impossible, as vmolochnye cancer can be entered infection due to injuries, which in turn, is dangerous for the infant.Therefore, when you have uchitesprikladyvat crumbs to the chest, continue breast care.

Uhodza breast during lactation :

  • Before serving, wash your nipples and dry them with a towel.After kormleniyaprimite air baths that can dry off nipples.
  • milk residues with the utmost care rinse with water without using soap.
  • In order to prevent various inflammatory processes use odnorazovyegigienicheskie pads that need to invest in them getting wet cup byustgaltera.Posle replace clean.
  • accelerate the healing process will crack cream with lanolin.His sostavbezvreden, for mom, and for crumbs.The cream should be applied on okonchaniikormleniya.
  • well used by our ancestors and proven means of prevention vospalitelnyhprotsessov when cracked nipples - green fodder.Lubrication nipples zelyonkoj uskoritzazhivlenie wounds.It is also a good preventive method umalysha thrush.Especially that Zelenka does not affect negatively the taste of mother's milk.
  • If you have cracked nipples do not abandon breast vskarmlivaniya.Esli wound is not too deep, and continue treatment odnovremennovskarmlivanie.With deep wounds, you can temporarily use molokootsosomi feed crumbs to bottle up the healing of fractures.

only through an integrated approach kprobleme can breastfeed the child for a long time for him valuable breast milk and wherein not suffer from pain.

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