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Menorrhagia: causes, symptoms, treatment

It should be noted that the problem with narusheniemmenstruatsii have more than 30% of women in the world.Many women become prinimatetu disease as a common problem, and do not go to doctors, and it's a big oshibka.Delo that there is a primary menorrhagia, which can be determined during the first month eschevo, secondary and latent - it becomes chastyumenstrualnogo cycle, it is more difficult to identify the primary causes.

How voznikaetmenorragiya

One of the most important reasons for becoming violation gormonalnogofona or balance.Most of all girls are subject to hormonal fluctuations, of whom the only forms the menstrual cycle, and women sklimaktericheskim period.In both cases, this period is marked silnymiizmeneniyami in the hormonal system, which anyway cause sboiendokrinnoy system.In some women, the restoration of the endocrine sistemyproiskhodit quickly in others it is delayed or does it all nonrecoverable.

In addition to these reasons, menorrhagia develop vsledstviezabolevany that appe

ar because of violations of the reproductive system.Syudamozhno include fibroids and uterine fibroids, ovarian dysfunction, various dobrokachestvennyeopuholi.Adenomyosis of the uterus - is another complex disorder in which matochnyezhelezy grow into muscles, accompanied by heavy bleeding and pain.

If we take into account the human impact on the body, the cause of menorrhagia is to use intrauterine contraception.Vetom case because tumors often occur strong and protracted krovotecheniyavo during menstruation, when this is necessary to abandon such a contraceptive.

less common cause can be onkologicheskoezabolevanie female genital organs, the most known: ovarian cancer, and uterine raksheyki.Heavy bleeding during menstruation may appear vsledstvievnematochnoy pregnancy.

If a woman suffers from a blood disease that once tosvyazany clotting, anticoagulants or uses drugs, it tozhesposobstvuet development of menorrhagia.The reason can also be zabolevanietrombotsitopeniya or even lack of vitamin K. Even more rare cause, but, nevertheless, is essentially a hereditary transmission system disorders vpolovoy women.

In some cases the internal organs takzhevliyayut the emergence of menorrhagia.This may be a kidney or liver disease, pelvic, thyroid problems, endometriosis and so on.

The nervous system has a huge impact on the correctness of the periodicity of the menstrual cycle.Often, in good health zhenschinastradaet menorrhagia due to constant stress, mental stress, or poprichine heavy physical work.General fatigue and stanovitsyaprichinoy menorrhagia, with frequent and abrupt climate change.Whatever prichinoyni was caused by the profusion idlitelnost bleeding during menstruation, can not it just takostavlyat.You should always consult a physician and endocrinologist, nuzhnovyyasnit root causes and stop the possible development of the disease.

Symptoms of menorrhagia

main symptoms are prolonged beyond normymenstruatsiya, which flows to the excessive release of blood, sometimes even sosgustkami.Sometimes profusion comes to that standard means gigienyne able to absorb such a number and you need to change them almost kazhdyychas.Because of this blood loss in women there is a weakness, deteriorating health often appear severe dizziness, and fainting.There are cases where vtechenie menstruation, because such a state of blood coming from the nose, the body dazhepri usual touch are large bruises.

treatment of the disease

Before installing the treatment, you must vyyasnitprichinu disease, considering how long delayed menstruatsiya.Kategoricheski can not engage in self-medication for rekomendatsiiznakomoy, as well as disease and just leave without attention, especially going eslietoa girl teenager.These actions allow ukorenitsyazabolevaniyu and secretive flow into the chronic form.

Typically, doctors prescribe hormones, contraceptives chaschevsego are drugs that are based on surveys budutigrat role of hormonal control of the body.In such preparatahsoderzhitsya estrogen and progesterone, the hormone reducing agent obilievydeleny sometimes more than 40%.Plus, they constrain razrastanieendometriya.It is important not to buy contraceptive pills only porekomendatsii your gynecologist, based on the survey, but not independent.

In the case where the disease started, a woman naznachayutsyapreparaty containing iron, becausewhen menorrhagia developed zhelezodefitsitnayaanemiya.In addition, women need to be used during the cycle askorbinovuyukislotu and rutin.

The problem is exacerbated if the woman suffers zabolevaniemschitovidnoy cancer, there often resort to surgical intervention ilizhe conduct examination and prescribe drugs.If the thyroid zhelezaponizhena, it is frequently observed severe dry skin, dramatically added weight, heavy bleeding takes force, the woman is weakening manifested apathy.T.k.menorragiya often for reasons of inflammatory processes, the vopredelennyh cases, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.Ibuprofenokazyvaet a positive effect on the duration of menstruation, zachastuyusokraschaya duration and abundance of selections.If the blood loss is very large, meaning toimeet appoint drug for blood clotting or ostanovkikrovotecheniya.For example, a very good medications: aminocaproic acid, calcium gluconate, chloride, Dicynonum.Homeopathy is often assigned dlyavosstanovleniya hormonal.

today to treat vnutrimatochnyhsistem popular application with the content of levonorgestrel.This reduces blood flow to the endometrium itolschina that slows its growth and development.

often cause disease may be even nepravilnoepitanie, so it is recommended to set the mode of the day, regular and pravilnoepitanie.

Surgery menorrhagia

Surgery menorrhagia 40 letprimenyaetsya in extreme cases, as a rule, women do after the fortieth anniversary, if no other treatments have not helped.


woman should follow the physical activity and physical load itself negatively affect power sports.By vozmozhnostinuzhno limit yourself from places and companies that create stressful situations, avoid fatigue.If all of this while respecting your condition does not improve imenstrualny cycle, you need to see a specialist.

It is recommended to use vitamins C, B, razlichnyekompleksy minerals with iron and folic acid.

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