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From what causes pain in his right side?

vdannom article will address the causes of such pain.But keep in mind that all the information is given only to you imelipredstavlenie on the causes that lead to such pain.But her nelzyaispolzovat for self-diagnosis of the disease, as well as for lecheniya.Inache this can only aggravate the situation.

Diagnostirovatbol stomach is not so easy, even for experienced doctors, so chelovekabez medical education is very difficult.Abdominal pain mozhetsvidetelstvovat the presence of several diseases that nevozmozhnodiagnostirovat without conducting special studies.This is especially kasaetsyaboli in his right side.

pain in the right abdomen verhneychasti

bolv this place can give:

-Pechen.If the authority for various reasons, increases in size, it causes pain.Physicians podobnoeyavlenie called hepatitis regardless of what led to him infektsiyaili inflammation.

Chaschevsego people are faced with hepatitis A, which may appear otnekachestvennoy food or water.Less common hepatitis B. As a rule, im

zabolevayut people suffering from drug addiction or gay.Sometimes people get sick with hepatitis C. It is transmitted through infected medical instruments iprovotsiruet pain in his right side.

Kromegepatita, the liver may be compromised or medication alkogolem.Vsem known that many drugs are harmful to the liver and if prinimat too often and in large quantities, the body begins to break down.That makes zhesamoe our liver and alcohol.

pain that is caused by diseases of the liver, often wears a dull aching character, and it lasts for ever, rather than cramps.The patient feels the pain napoverhnosti stomach, and inside it.

-Zhelchny bubble and can cause pain in the right boku.Prichem pain attacks very peculiar.The first symptoms - is vzhivote heaviness, bloating, gas occurrence.As a rule, it all comes posletogo as you eat something fatty or spicy.A strong pain comes spustyaparu hours.The intensity of pain increases, and eventually the pain stanovitsyaostroy.At its peak, nausea, cold sweats and vomiting.The temperature remains normal telachasche all.Exceptions are zhelchnogopuzyrya inflammation.In such cases, the body temperature rises sharply and appears silnyyoznob.The most severe pain is felt in the right upper abdomen, but inogdaona could give under the right shoulder blade.

Priobsledovanii gallbladder in such cases, doctors find kamni.Esli stones are small, they are displayed through the ducts.Sometimes ihprihoditsya removed surgically, but often can be oboytisultrazvukovym removal that is safe and painless.

-Podzheludochnaya iron.Sometimes the cause of the pain in his right side is pristupostrogo pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas.Pain in the acute case, can give to the spine and the supine position increases.Oblegchaetsyasostoyanie patient in if he sits down and leans slightly vpered.Krome this during an episode of pancreatitis sick person appears vomiting, shivering.However body temperature rise.To identify etozabolevanie, the doctor prescribes a special survey.Vyyavitspetsialnye necessary enzymes that are typical for the affected pancreas.

-Pochki.It is believed that the pain of kidney disease appear voblasti waist.But in reality it is not so.Sometimes kidney stones may lead subsequent researchers to pain in right abdomen.So if uvas sudden ache in his right side - do not exclude kidney problems.

Eslizhe pain still caused by the presence of kidney stones, they will nositspetsifichny character.Pain will be undulating and they reach svoegomaksimuma at the peak of the wave.In addition, the pain will not necessarily be felt RIGHT side.It can spread to the back or even the groin.

-Appendiks.Many people experiencing pain in his right side, somehow immediately think that they have inflamed appendix.This opinion is erroneous.Of course, none of this is non-exclusive cause of the pain.Yet, as you samiubedilis the foregoing, the pain in his right side may appear due raznyhprichin.Previously, even the doctors in almost all cases it is assumed that bolnogovospalilsya appendix.The exceptions were those with whom he has already been removed.

Nodavayte you a closer look at the pain of appendicitis.She mozhetlokalizirovatsya in the right lower abdomen or in the navel.Moreover, almost all patients immediately can show exactly where it hurts.And doctors usually prefer not to risk it, and immediately appoint appendiksa.No removing it only in cases where they are not sure of the diagnosis.And it is no coincidence.This simple operation saves the life of the patient in all sluchayah.Poetomu if you suddenly feel pain under the ribs on the right side or in oblastipupka immediately contact the hospital for help surgeon.

stoitdelat Why not, if you have a pain in my right side

Mnogieiz us with the appearance of any pain trying to get rid of it samostoyatelnoraznymi ways.But in many cases this can not be done, because this vymozhete harm the health or complicate the situation.So, let's look at what nelzyadelat:

-Reception painkillers.People tend to try to independently kakmozhno get rid of the pain in the abdomen or in the right side.For this oniprinimayut different medications.But this is not recommended, as priotsutstvii pain doctors will not be able to properly install your diagnosis and takzheadekvatno assess the status and level of health safety.As a result, during vrachmozhet not recognize serious illness, such as appendicitis, and etomozhet entail a lot of trouble, even death.

-Prikladyvanie to stomach heat.When abdominal pain should never be prikladyvatteplye warmer, bottles, diapers, and so on.In many diseases and etoprotivopokazano can happen much trouble.In addition, when silnoyboli better help the cold attached to the abdomen.For this mozhnoispolzovat ice crocked in a soft cloth, frozen chicken, vegetables and takdalee.Cool thing to wrap a towel or thick cloth and attach kmestu that hurts.But do not forget that you need a doctor vyzvatobyazatelno.Even if the pain starts to subside!

-Ignorirovanie pain.It is no secret that most people really do not lyubyatvrachey and try to avoid them as much as possible.Unfortunately, it is in mnozhestvesluchaev and leads to negative consequences.You can ignore bolevyeoschuscheniya and seizing the pain pills in the hope that soon all will pass.Vozmozhnobol and will pass, but not the fact that she did not come back to you again.And togdaposledstviya can be very serious.Ignoring the pain increases the chances of NATO, which is missing the presence of serious diseases.So far razumneesrazu I consult a doctor and make sure all is well.Otherwise, then vymozhete a long time to restore their health.

as at this, pain in the right side may be caused by different diseases vnutrennihorganov: the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, kidney, appendix.Noprichin set, and the pain can be completely harmless.Therefore it is better DO consult your doctor, and do not sit at home waiting for that all by itself will take place.It is not tolkoglupo, but also dangerous to life!