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Sleep and lose weight - really!

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At night, the metabolism tend zamedlyatsya.Naprimer our lymph day passes one round in three hours, but at night etotprotsess takes about fifteen hours.If five hours before the lechspat, you do not eat after seven in the evening and drank no more dvuhsotmilligramm fluid, your body can lose weight because you neperegruzhaete the stomach and kidneys.In this case, our surface dyhanieaktiviziruetsya and toxins effectively output through the skin.

It is best to go to bed before midnight, because it vpromezhutke between midnight and three o'clock in the morning naiboleeaktiven growth hormone, and he is an activator of normal metabolism in nashemorganizme.Arrows weights in the morning can show that you have got rid of even 200 grams of 0.5 kg.This means that the movement of dinner at a ranneevremya allows the body to relax at night on the active work and vmestoetogo he concentrates on more useful activities for your figure.In vremyasna our body utilizes a number of harmful fat,

expending energy on something to support livelihoods.

the aid prihoditpsihologiya

To more effectively lose weight, mozhnovospolzovatsya psychological approach - self-programming.In the evening, povozvraschenii home, undress and dive into a warm bath.Then, apply a body myagkimidvizheniyami correcting means.Ispolzovatuspokaivayuschie desirable means, such as a szhiroszhigatel or antitsellyulitnuyumasku.To bed should be prepared thoroughly - stock razlichnymisredstvami that accelerate the process of skin tightening, and will be useful massazhpered sleep.So, while you sleep, your volumes will melt.

During that as you massage your skin, think Otomi that with every movement a layer of fat, though not large, goes vas.Pofantaziruyte as fat goes away forever and forever you leave.Posletakoy "meditation" put your favorite pajamas, grab a notepad kudazapisyvaete your desires.Now is the time to dream and to sebyatakoy, whatever you want to be, and think about how soon vashikilogrammy go.Record the number pad on which you would like to pohudetza night.Do not be shy, imagine yourself a beautiful, well-groomed iuverennoy a woman.The main thing - to describe your desire precisely and in detail, vedot this will depend on his performance.

notepad with a desire to hide under the pillow and sleep spokoyno.Mozhno pillow sprinkle a drop of lavender oil to soothe the nerves inastroitsya for restful sleep.Before you go to sleep, once again believe iprochuvstvuyte themselves in a new beautiful body.Such exercises should be povtoryatkazhdy evening, until the desired result.

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