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Features the age of 45: the climax

stages of menopause
not be taken as the climax of some disease, it's perfectly normal natural process, natural for every woman.In Greek menopause means "ladder" and that it "stage»:

premenopausal: irregular cycle, there are problems when estrogens still enough and progestogen - in short supply.A cycle for consistency balance of these hormones to be at a certain level.

Menopause.Identify it can only be after the fact.This is the period when menses are not within a year (meaning that the level of sex hormones in the body dwindled).

Postmenopause - comes one year after the last menstrual period.Following menopause can be calculated based on the results of analyzes, namely when the reduced gonadotropin hormone, as well as the exponent of estradiol below 30 pg / ml.You can also check the maturation of follicles on means of a special medical test AMN - on anti-Mueller hormone.

There are certain medical criteria regarding menopause if menopause before 40 years - a premature menopause in 40-44 - early,
from 45 to 52 years old - is the norm, after 53 years - later.

reaction to menopause
reaction of the woman's body to the inevitable age-related changes can be very unpredictable: some climax in fact, transcend - being can be perfect, and a woman can even breathe with peace of mind that the monthly "holidays" are over.There are statistics that among those luckiest relates each 14th woman.And someone is going through "Autumn" for the full program: frequent hot flashes, severe headache, fatigue, an increase of sweating, suffer insomnia, and some even develop a real depression ... About 10% of women feel so bad that they need evenrelease from work (the so-called pathological menopause).

main reason for all sorts of "autumn" trouble women - hormonal changes.After all, female hormones regulate not only the reproductive system, but also many other important organs and tissues.For example, they have an effect on the skin and mucous membranes, besides hormones directly affect the nervous system of women, so during menopause can appear irritability and nervousness.In addition, the lack of female hormones can cause osteoporosis (reduced bone density) and cardiovascular disease (accumulate harmful lipids clog the vessel walls).

Treatment effects of menopause
If different symptoms contact to specialists - the set assignments can not be avoided (and in fact some drugs are in relation to each other antagonists, which complicates the situation).The most innovative solution for a time of change - hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is designed to replace the missing hormone estrogen is the female body.The practice of HRT on in Western Europe and the United States has a solid history and equally impressive gains.Almost every second woman experiencing menopause, HRT was assigned.The situation in our country is somewhat different - affects people's "dislike" to any hormonal treatment.However, well-organized HRT not only removes all the annoying stuff of menopause, but also significantly reduces the risk of certain diseases in old age, such as heart disease or osteoporosis, as well as prevents the rapid aging of the skin, restoring the cells lacking the collagen fibers, according to some studiesHRT may even increase life expectancy to 10 years.But the big weight gain, which scared many of our women, hormone therapy is just not conducive.

Yet HRT - not a panacea, it also has contraindications:
  • cancer (even a family history);
  • previous myocardial;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • severe liver damage.
determine whether hormone therapy is acceptable to you, and assign the appropriate means (for test results) can only be a specialist.

alternative hormones - homeopathic remedies that can be used in not too extreme effects of menopause, as well as physical exercise, a balanced diet rich in calcium and natural analogues of female sex hormones (eg, soybeans).

Some myths about menopause
  • can stop using contraceptives as soon as menstruation stopped.Of course, the older the woman the lower her chance of becoming pregnant, because with age the reproductive function gradually eroding, but it is not completely excluded.From protection can be waived only in post-menopausal, which comes 12 months after the last menstrual period.
  • Menopause can be delayed if the birth is closer to 40 years.We hasten to reassure you, late childbirth does not guarantee the late menopause.However, taking care of kids can push all the other pressing problems to the background, and it is possible that the climax will take place almost imperceptibly.
  • Menopause - a problem relating to women exclusively.Not certainly in that way.With age, the body's hormonal changes occur in both sexes.However, men such alteration of an organism occurs later and proceeds not so noticeable.