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Silicone pad for feeding

Once mom will tell their relatives and friends Otomi that her child does not get better, so just follow iprotivorechivye a variety of suggestions and advice.Very good in such cases if zhenschinanaydet the true source of the problem and the problem will be solved with minimalnymipoteryami.But it is rare, most often a woman, tired of mnogochislennyhpopytok increase the amount of milk the baby begins to lure mixtures.Acherez time altogether cease to breast-feed the baby, the child becomes a "bottle-".

Since the woman did not understand all of the processes in eeorganizme, it will be blamed for what is happening does not cover, and his chest and sebya.Est another basis on which some lactating women otkazyvayutsyaot use silicone pads - silicone nipple protects womenotrotika hungry child, and indeed in the application pad is very comfortable.Sosokv strip becomes perfect forms, which are very convenient for the child, especially in cases where the woman's nipple depressed or flattened.Mnogiezhenschiny, try

at least once to feed the baby through the silicone cover, for themselves, decide that from now on will use it often.

Why the child loses weight

child prisasyvayas to the silicone pad on the nipple starts to work hard his mouth, but it gets the milk mensheneobhodimogo.When breastfeeding mother through a silicone pad koeffitsientpoleznogo action reduced several times.Tiny though sucking actively, often zasypaetnedokormlenny, meanwhile in the mammary glands of women receives a signal that chtoneobhodimo reduce milk production, which in the chest opyatostalos much.The next feeding baby will suck even less milk because of its produce every time via the patch because umensheniyakolichestva milk will become increasingly difficult.It turns out a vicious circle: the child postoyannonedoedaet, but to eat puts more effort.Milk skazhdym day it becomes less and less, because after a silicone pad rebenokotsasyvaet small part of the milk present in breast milk and because there is a lot, then it zhelezynachinayut dairy produce even less.

If a woman will be decided after a long kormleniyacherez silicone pad to go without feeding, she pridetsyanabratsya patience.Need to move gradually, first to feed the plate, apotom finish feeding the baby without lining, each day should umenshatprodolzhitelnost cherezsilikonovuyu feeding cover, and the duration of feeding without lining uvelichivat.Takim way through the week you can do is to give up silikonovoynakladki.

In that case, if a woman is confident that her soskigotovy to feeding, it can completely stop using nakladok.Esli nipple hardened, resilient and pamper yourself, the changes in the conditions of feeding nenanesut harm the nipple.But if the breast is always kept warm, Kuta izhenschina strongly protects it from external influences, the baby's mouth, sucking kotoryyprivyk silicone, it can hurt, cause pain, kotoryes each feeding will increase.In such cases, often zhenschinyvozvraschayutsya to using silicone pads, and the problem and ostaetsyanereshennoy.

Can vosstanovitkolichestvo milk

here plays a big role expectancy ispolzovaniyasilikonovoy lining.If a woman rebenkakormila through cover 1-1.5 weeks, the amount of milk can be increased zadve week, but only if the woman will feed two breasts.Priispolzovanii pads more than 2-3 weeks, it is likely that pokarebenku not put the bait, it will be thinner than their peers.

To increase the amount of milk the baby will have kormitdolshe and more.Also, to increase the amount of milk in lactating women sleduetvvesti diet vegetable salads, vegetables (raw only) and fresh ovoschnyesoki.Another good idea would be to arrange his life so that the time to snaostavalos enough, and in the evening it is best to sleep together goes srebenkom, then the amount of milk will increase.

Can gruduberech pain and inflammation without the silicone lining ?

is not recommended for breast create too teplichnyeusloviya specially insulated it, as this may lead to narusheniyutermoregulyatsii organism and any lowering of the body temperature in posleduyuschemprivedet problems.Cool water or douches help to temper vremyaberemennosti breasts, nipples make hardy and resilient, preventing, thus, further cracking and inflammation.More mozhnodo childbirth to teach her nipples to various mechanical influences -obtiraniyu pieces of ice, squeezing, rubbing of clothes and then breast-feeding do not deliver any suffering and pain.If the child is not properly applied to the breasts, the nipples may suffer otetogo therefore carefully examine this issue.

Some women whose nipples are not prepared to feeding helps prevent cracking mezhdukormleniyami long period of time.But in this case it is necessary to take into account other factors.For example, rebenkamozhet need to feed very often, though, regardless of sostoyaniyasoskov mother.To determine the maximum and minimum time allowed mezhdukormleniyami should take into account the health of the child's age and weight, individual characteristics and behavior of the child.

If a child weighs menshe2,5 kilogram, then feed it nuzhnokazhdye half to two hours.Etopromezhutok time during the day.If a child weighs about 3 kg, the kazhdye2-2,5 kg.At night, it is desirable to feed less often.Minimum intervals vremenimezhdu feedings in young children depends on whether the mother peredocherednym feeding them to do exercises.Between starting the charging of feeding iokonchaniem must pass at least one hour.

If a child is born a little, then it needs to be fed more often than children born large.If they sleep a long time, they rekomenduetsyabudit, especially when it comes to newly born children.Growing up, rebenokbudet gain weight, and will suck less, but more intense.

children, poorly gaining weight, you need to feed often, and nochyutakih kids need to wake up.If little milk, the amount mozhnouvelichit if a child is often applied to the chest.Waking baby dlyakormleniya accounts in cases where it helps to cure breast otvospaleniya and hardening of the mammary glands.Do not give milk to stagnate, rebenokstanovitsya kind of lifesaver and many mothers are grateful to them for that.

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