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ABC diet - healthy diet

correct power system

Pay attention to the power supply system that combines vsebe two principles: do no harm and help.It is to this kind of diet mnogiepripisyvayut and ABC diet.By the way, the name of the diet and even translated as "Traffic Light".Be careful when searching for the next miracle diet natknetesna the one that created the girls suffering from anorexia.They sklonnyutverzhdat that even the minimum requirements outlined in the FAA diet prevyshayutnormy and quantity of food is too high.If you do not want to be quite so lean, it is better not to try this kind of fasting.

Actually diet ABC imeetsvoi principles that are based on the correct separation of the product, - etogruppy A, B and C. This method is considered the most balanced isistematizirovannym.The technology adopted as reliable as pomogaetpotrebitelyam bring your eating habits in the correct order and narushatnormy healthy lifestyle.

Three Colors slimming

Diet ABC narazdelenii based products in the individual divisions

and groups.Products otvoditsyapo basic concepts to a particular color.Food, kotoryeprisutstvuyut in your diet is now acquire the following colors: red -zapretny, yellow - loyal, green - is permitted.

You guessed it, red - is a variety of products that fall under the complete prohibition iudalenie from the diet.These include dishes such as food of sistembystrogo power, that is, fast-food outlets.But the list does not end there and ondovolno long.You may be surprised, but now under the ban falls ismetana and milk.Also mandatory: mayonnaise, butter, lard, fatty oil, pies, pastries, cakes, ice cream, bakery izdeliyaiz white flour (bread, too), baking and all kinds of sweet carbonated water.Liquor okazyvayutnegativnoe least impact on the figure - it's beer, champagne and liqueurs.Not stoitrasstraivatsya because above described and listed products mozhnootnesti hardly in the category of healthy food.In case of refusal of such products vyzametite that the body begins to show signs of satisfaction and the number of vasheyenergii increase as you will no longer bother heavy food.

Next is yellow.Vdiete ABC in this subgroup are allowed to eat before 18.00nekotorye products.You can enjoy the fact that the list is also great IPO, its diversity.So, throughout the day until the 6 chasovvechera on the principle of the diet are allowed to eat: eat cheese, cottage cheese, rastitelnoemaslo, crackers, pasta, cereal, any water, except manna nezhirnoemyaso, rye bread, puff pastry sugar,kolbasnyeprodukty and sausages, caramel, chocolate and candies, dried and fresh fruits, tomatoes, beans, all kinds of pickles, ketchup and coffee.All these produktyzhelatelno not eat at the end of the evening itself, and in the afternoon.But beware supotrebleniem fatty sausages, as well as bananas, sweets.

And most cherished group - C, green area.This color is considered to be life-affirming, so the products in dannoykolonke diverted to the allowed list.They can be taken as in any time and in unlimited quantities.It can be boiled ilimoreprodukty fish, eggs (but you can not eat more than two pieces and they should bytotvareny), vegetables: cabbage, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, greens;citrus fruits, apples, buckwheat, yogurt (nezhirnoykonsistentsii not containing sugar), olive oil, bread without yeast, vegetables, fruit juices, yogurt and tea.

advantageous number

This diet was priznanavrachami dietitians usable.It allowed, poskolkupredlagaemoe nutrition physiologically bears no harm.In developing bylivklyucheny all principles of the body and its possible reaction to golodanie.AVS program is built the same way as to make the process of losing weight and pitaniyasbalansirovanny stage of transformation forms.Significantly, chtobolshinstvo diets, as well as tablets, have limitations that are not otnositsyak ABC: its use is absolutely possible at any age.Also AVSrasschitana and heavy weight categories and for those who have the disease sozhireniem.Diet helps people who suffer from an overabundance of weight privestisebya in order while maintaining health.But it is worth remembering chtodlya achieve the desired result you need to follow the rules perfectly ivsegda eat the norm.Only rigorous and systematic use pischipomozhet you take the path of weight loss and lead to a real purpose.And of course, necessarily before a consultation with a specialist.Poskolkunekotorye of diseases incompatible with a similar diet.For example, allergic reactions, diseases in the gastro-intestinal tract, and so forth.Pripodobnyh and other diseases of the food should be chosen vindividualnom order.


Experts recommend prisoblyudenii diet exercise the utmost vigilance.Pretty important soblyudatosnovnye principles are described below.

first principle.Food dolzhnaprinimatsya more often, but in small quantities and that the dose was normalized pravilno.Etot method is considered the most gentle and healthy.With it, you obespechitesebe the desired effect and the good work of digestive systems.

second principle.Sleduetnaproch you refuse the use of fried foods.But remember that this fact otvechaetza recovery of your body and not vice versa.You can postepennoprivyknut to other tastes and your body too.

third principle.If vasnet particular disease, then you have to deal with even physical labor ilidelat charging more to walk, jog or do small walks.But sporttakzhe must have faces and be metered.Surges are obratnyyeffekt.

fourth principle.Osnovnoyvash diet should not be filled with those products that are allowed kupotrebleniyu to 18.00, and the ones that are in the green group.That is, etofrukty, vegetables, and various greens.

fifth principle.You mozheteupotreblyat alcohol, if necessary, but it dolzhnobyt dry wine, vodka, whiskey or martini.The amounts must also bytogranichennymi and adoption should not be an everyday character.

observing all the rules, you notonly lose weight, but also feel a special surge of strength and energy.

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