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Active holiday weekend

7 pairs of sneakers

Remember tales: to achieve happiness, the hero had to go on a long journey and on the way to wear out seven pairs of boots.Long walks and now deliver a lot of joy and a little, and adults, but hiking shoes have become much more convenient.

It only remains to choose the right route.For the first forays into nature with the kids would be the best large park near the city.You want to go on a long journey?Then it is necessary to start with theoretical training: Learn travel tips on specialized sites, talk to seasoned travelers.Do not be confused by the presence of untrained members of the family - the main thing to focus on their needs and capabilities.For children, this trip will be a real adventure.We as adults have to provide everything: how to feed, what to play, than to cure, if necessary, to call someone with you.Beginners tourists feel confident on holiday if their journey as part of a tour group - they organize clubs and simply enterprising tourists.The optimal number of par

ticipants - about 10 people, including 2-3 children better peers.

Velo deal

What good bike?Everyone!Speed ​​and traveled, trendy and environmentally friendly, causing sea of ​​delight in children.And in nature, and the city can find dozens of beautiful trails.For skiing during outdoor activities weekend is better to choose the place cleaner: Led vacation like a real workout, increases the volume of air inhaled and lungs are working at 100%.Also activates the metabolism and brain function, improved mood, and the risk of varicose veins and vascular dystonia, conversely, decreases.Children develop a sense of balance and coordination.Information for slimming ladies: just a couple of months led walks on weekends, and you can safely buy new clothes for 1-2 sizes smaller.Biking - fun for all ages and gender, that long ago realized in Europe.Take the example of energetic Italian old ladies rolling around Milan to Mantua.And the stronger sex let inspire shapely, toned Dutch: each of them there is one bike or if the Dutchman two years of age, - the small chair fixed to the trunk or directly in front of the wheel.

To horse!

Spend a holiday in the saddle!On Monday, you will be something to brag about at work.But the children will remember the horseback riding at least a week.Please note somewhere a limit of age: 14 years (or 7 - for walking pony), but somewhere, on the contrary, carried out individual training even 3-year-old kids.So, take the carrots, apples or crackers for food, dress appropriately (footwear with outer soles without strong corrugations: sometimes the rider has to quickly pull the leg from the stirrup).And in the way!


traditional time for picnics and relaxation considered in May, although the summer - for a fun pastime in nature and for an active holiday weekend at least.However, with a good group of friends, and with the right company at any time may be considered appropriate.And if the choice of friends tips inappropriate, then a couple of simple and proven recommendations for an easy outing is sure to share!

Since the foundation of any picnic and relaxation - barbecue, to the choice of meat is to approach seriously.The main criterion - the freshness.Remember, pork is softer, veal - not so fat, and a good substitute for it may well be a chicken or turkey.Marinate the meat better than the day before the picnic.What good summer picnic, so it is the presence of large amounts of fresh vegetables and greens - the best side dish to meat you will not find.Alcohol, as a rule, one chooses to taste.The main thing - do not mix, and to comply with reasonable standards.

Whatever kind of activity during the summer holiday you choose, follow the "golden" guidelines to get the maximum from their employment health benefits

1. The optimal amount of training - 3-4 times a week."Disposable" harm the well-being rather than improve it.If you can maintain a level of twice a day for health, but it is almost impossible to improve.Increasing the amount of exercise will not give up to 5 additional health benefits and deal with every day can only pros.

2. Minimum length of training - 30 minutes.In the shorter term the body will not have time to join the regulatory system, which depends on improving the functionality of the body.However, the activity of more than 2 hours, for example, a long, non-stop led walk, lead to excessive fatigue.End the occupation in such a state that wanted to do again tomorrow.

3. Activities during the week is distributed evenly - after training or games (beach volleyball, badminton), the body is restored 1.5-2 days.

4. There is no such sports activities to the same extent would strengthen the heart and muscles, and immune system, that is, all at once it improved physical condition.Therefore or select what will lead you to your goal (eg, lose weight or tempered) or try different summer fun.

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