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The sixth month of baby's life

The first year of baby's life can be divided into two periods: up to six months, and after six months.As a rule, after the first six months of a baby begins to grow more rapidly staёt interesting for adults.It was during the second half of the child begins to sit, stand, walk, and utter his first words.So, spend analysis last month of the first six months of life.

Physical development of the sixth month of life the baby

During this month, the weight of a child increases by 600-650 grams, 140 grams each week.The kid grows by an average of 2.5 cm.


Typically, introduction of complementary foods for infants six months of age begins.Therefore, at your disposal for almost a month to prepare for the introduction of the first issue of feeding thoroughly and read the literature necessary for this.As for the baby who is bottle-fed, it is likely to become accustomed to new food, since for him the first solid foods began a month ago.Your mission - to continue to introduce new baby food accordin

g to the timetable for the introduction of complementary foods.

five-month baby - a small explorer.If you have time and desire, let the baby little "prank" - to test the contents of the plates of food.How much joy will deliver the baby (but not you!) Is a great discovery that, for example, vegetable puree perfectly pounded on the table, but the juice, for some reason, leaving only a trail of wet or create an entire meadow.

first tooth

Most kids just six months appear first tooth.However, as in the whole process of child development, there is no rigorous framework.In some children the first teeth appear in four months, while others - even in ten months.In many ways, the term first teeth defines a genetic predisposition.If the timing

first teeth all children may be different, the order of their eruption is usually the same.First cut through the two lower central incisors, then - 4 top, then the bottom two lateral incisors.Typically, the first year of life, the baby already has eight front teeth.

should be patient, as the process of teething for many children - a painful condition.Already 3-4 months before the first tooth baby begins to engage in intense sucking all the objects came to hand.Common signs of teething can be a temperature rise to 37-38ºS, frequent stools, increased salivation.We must accept the idea that peace in the family was broken for a long time, because the process of teething is quite long and takes about 2-2.5 years.As a result, the baby gets 20 Zubikov a gift for willpower and patience.

Large and small crumbs achieve


  • kid watching for some time a moving object (for example, a man, machine, etc.).
  • child is able to compare the two discussed the subject.
  • Changeable mood and a variety of emotions - the main characteristics of the child's sixth month of life.
  • Kid increases the amount of spoken sounds, connects them into syllables.


  • Some babies this age already know how to sit with a straight back without the support of an adult.
  • child flips and bends in all directions.
  • kid improves its taste.If a child has tried other foods other than milk, then he has formed certain preference to a particular food.
  • child turns the head in different directions.
  • Kid tries to crawl, leaning on her knees and outstretched pens.
  • child already knows how to manipulate objects, and even an attempt to keep the cup in the hands can be successful.


  • worry if there is a stranger.
  • smiles to his display in the mirror.
  • kid listening to music, and even trying to "sing", besides music can soothe the baby began to cry.So often include child calm classical music or "nature sounds".
  • child knows his name and turns on a voice calling him.
  • Kid "giggles" and laughs, if he is good, fun and enjoyable.

Workshop for conscious parents

Behavior five-month child becomes more meaningful than in previous periods of life.A lot of movement your baby becoming more coordinated and sustainable, continues accumulating acoustic and visual explanation.Therefore, right from the parents to help the child develop and improve life skills.For this I recommend six months of baby's life using the following educational "exercise»:

  • Suggest baby solve simple problems for decision-making: first insert the toy in one handle and then the other.Observe the behavior of the child.Later, the baby learns to move toy from one hand to another.
  • Bring the baby to a mirror and show them where it is and where my mother.Show me where my mother's nose, and where the baby, the nose, where the eyes, eyebrows, mouth.
  • Buy baby doll, and ask her to play, show how it is pumped from side to side, and stands up.
  • Talk with your child, call the body, touching them.Observe the reaction of the baby.
  • Bathing your baby, put a floating bath toys and soft plastic book-squeaker picture.It will take the kid a lot of fun, he will take the wet toys and make every attempt to keep them.This is useful for the development of motor skills and to acquire new tactile experience.
  • offer while feeding the baby to drink from a spoon, and then insert a spoon into the handle of the child.
  • When keep the baby in her arms, try him whisper something in your ear.Introduce it is thus a novel method of communication.
  • Report kid every time a change in the situation: about the upcoming walk, bathing, etc.The child will learn to navigate in a particular situation.
  • Suggest baby toys and games that promote the development of his cognitive interest.For example, the child will be a very interesting introduction to household goods.
  • Suggest kid to put a handle on your lips: the baby will feel the vibration of your voice and shaking your lips.

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