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The eighth month of the child's development

Key indicators of the eighth month of the child

Physical development

Weight gain is an average of 500-550 grams in growth - 1.5-2 cm. As you can see, the growth rate of the monthMonth gradually slowed down.

intellectual achievements

  • kid remembers the last event of his life.
  • child utters a few words, such as "mom", "dad", "woman".
  • The eight-tot "solve" the problem, such as a toy, located at arm's length.
  • Kid plays games, "where are you?" Or "catch me."
  • Kid explores subjects with all the senses.
  • child combines some behaviors with others, displaying different emotions.

development of sensory-motor skills

  • child actively crawls!
  • He actively watching moving objects.
  • Kid claps, plays "Ladushki-Okay, where were?By Grandma!".
  • child is raised, holding support.
  • He holds one object, manipulates them while watching for other items.

social development indicators

  • Kid copies mimicry adults.
  • Karapuz enjoys his image in the mirror, stroking him and tries to kiss her.
  • child needs attention from the adults!
  • Strangers cause concern on the part of the baby, but in the presence of the parents the child calms down.

Motor activity

Kid continues to explore the world around him.Now he is well-crawls and is not limited to only one room.Therefore, parents need to ensure maximum safety of the kid and remove surrounding child: sharp objects, medicines, chemicals, iron, dear and beloved you things heavy and sharp objects.Also be sure to purchase and insert a protective plug in the socket, cover, or limit for a kid all the rough edges.

important to remember that the kid that age trying to try all objects have fallen "to the tooth", so be sure to hide all the small and dangerous objects in order to avoid swallowing their kids.In no case do not let your baby without your supervision toys with batteries.The information contained in alkali batteries and other hazardous substances can cause irreparable harm to the health of your baby.

Now you must remember one important rule your movements: open the door with the utmost care.At this age most often occur in children injured fingers, which were between the wall and the floor in the most unwanted time.

Improving the speed of movement - an important goal at this stage of development of the baby.Crawling, baby is not only exploring everything around, but also well coached his body for further achievements - walking and standing.Therefore, encouraged small "athlete", but do not force events.All in good time!

Languages ​​

This is usually a time of new words.First of all, they will melt and family at the same time light buzzwords such as "mom", "dad", "woman", "dada."Kid perfectly perceives the surrounding sounds, long something "tells", accompanying his tongue colorful emotions.In addition, to communicate toddler chooses an adult, is not always my mother.

Classes with baby

eight months child development experts recommend to improve your communication with crumbs, personal incentive of its new and new occupations.Here are some of them:

  • While bathing in the tub, you can put a plastic cup.The kid will play it, filling it with water and pouring the water back.
  • While bathing the baby is a part of the body, tell me what part of the body you wash.You can accompany bathing relevant verses that mention the body.
  • Read baby books, bedtime stories, but not zealous, if the baby is not interested.For starters, you can buy books with colorful pictures, show the baby pictures and name what they depict.So the kid will remember the names of many items.
  • always called objects and toys that are giving your child.
  • Teach your toddler to throw in a tin toy.The child would not only throw to toys, but also to listen to produce sounds.
  • Hide the eyes of the baby an interesting toy.The kid will try to find it.Then show him where the hidden object.
  • allows kids to play in different positions: sitting, standing or lying on his stomach.Thanks to these games, the child will do for themselves "conclusions" that, for example, in the position of lying on his stomach, and you can get to see more than the supine.

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