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The ninth month of the child's life

Large and small crumbs achieve

Physical development

the ninth month of life the child of his weight increased by an average of 500 grams, and growth - by 1.5-2 cm. Keep in mind that excessivebody weight, as well as insufficient weight, highly undesirable.That is, if the weight of the baby at birth was 3200-3500 g and the child is nine months weighs more than 9.5 kg, it is necessary to revise the child's diet.It is necessary to limit the excessive use of baby carbohydrates (flour products, potato puree, jelly, sweet juice, "white" cereals), as well as enter into the diet of a sufficient amount of cheese, meat and chicken egg yolks.Kids who are overweight often suffer and duration of pneumonia, intestinal infections, viral and acute respiratory infections, suffer from persistent constipation, anemia, rickets and diaper rash.

intellectual achievements

kid at this age can remember the last past events.He says, "Mom", "Dad", "woman", "tata", "give", "am", "on".The child remembers the games t

hat were played the previous day.In addition, he does not like simple and boring game, in which repeated the same simple action.Tot perform simple tasks, he may be afraid of the height and volume of the space.

development of sensory-motor skills

  • kid knows how to take the subject with both hands and bring it to the body.
  • He turns back when crawling.
  • Clap her hands, playing in the "Okay".
  • Rёbёnok on the ninth month of life is supported by an adult.
  • Scarce manipulating two objects that are in both the handles.
  • He can crawl, holding one handle an object.

Social development

  • kid can be the initiator of his own game.
  • Little "Fibber" mimics laughter, coughing, sneezing adult family member.
  • He loves to play side by side with their parents, like when they are included in his game.
  • kid very meticulously, depending on your mood, choose toys for the game.
  • child can support children's "company", especially when they cry, and cry loudly.Some, on the contrary, calm down and carefully studying "the violators of peace."

Motor activity

kid with great pleasure "furrows" quarters apartments, often several times obpolzaya the same piece of furniture (chair, wardrobe, table or chair).Thus, he is studying the subject and try to understand why he is again on the same spot.

child loves to play the game "Big-big!", Lift the handle up and show what he is big.Kid playing hide and seek, and the question: "Where is gone Maxim?" Is shown with a laugh from his secret town.

kid on the ninth month of life perfectly sits, crawls, stands up on legs, walk at the tower.That's just not yet know how from the "standing" successfully "land" and often falls on her ass.


Kid sleeps 1-2 times a day.When a single day has a larger dream sleep duration.Night sleep lasts 10-12 hours.The nine-month child sleeps approximately 2/3 days.To ensure a peaceful falling asleep at night, start the day with the baby kind and affectionate revival.Meet him with a smile and say kind and gentle words.Thanks to these positive emotions, the child will be easier to fall asleep at night.


Diet nine baby following:

  • juice (fruit, berry, vegetable) - 80 ml,
  • fruit puree - 80 ml,
  • vegetable puree - 180g,
  • dairycereal and milk-cereal porridge - 180 grams,
  • dairy products - 100-150 ml,
  • cheese as a dairy-cheese pasta or cheese and fruit puree - 30 g,
  • egg yolk - ½ pieces,
  • meat sauce- 50 g,
  • dishes low-fat varieties of fish (1 per week) - 30-50 g,
  • vegetable (sunflower) oil - 1 tsp,
  • butter - 1 teaspoon,
  • white bread - 5g,
  • crackers or cookies - 5 of

What to do with a child in the ninth month of development?

kid loves your attention, imitate your actions.He is trying to repeat the sounds uttered by you.You - my mother, and then - an ideal role model.Therefore, regularly engaging with the baby, you make an important contribution to its development.Invent a variety of classes to the child was fun to play with you.For example, you can perform with the baby following games and exercises:

  • Take two plastic cans: light and dark.Place the toy in the light jar and shake it, and let the kid, so he took out a toy out of the jar.Do the same with the dark jar.
  • Teach your baby to repeat after you have your actions.For example, show him how to play a variety of toys: how to beat the drum, to build towers out of blocks and destroy them, how to open and close the pot.Encourage your child to do the same yourself.
  • Help your child to navigate in space and feel it.Put a toy under the big chair, and then a little.The kid should get the toy, which is under the chair.In my own experience the child will understand that under the big chair can climb, and a small stick handle only.
  • While bathing wash baby washcloth and ask them to buy themselves.
  • Give your child the opportunity to "talk" on the phone.
  • baby Tell me about the different sounds in the house and on the street.For example, when a dog barking, meowing cat, car horns, repeat these sounds themselves and tell the kid who and what publishes them.
  • To improve the coordination of movements, you can download the baby from side to side, singing songs and reciting poems funny interesting.
  • All items, all actions voiced child, call them by their real names, do not invent them short names and lisp.Right speech on your part will form a correct perception of speech in your child, so it will be better and clearer to talk in the future.

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