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The tenth month of the baby

Every child - a personality, and therefore each individual develops a map of development.And do not compare your baby to other babies and upset that the child is something I do not have time to develop and lags behind its peers.Walking, talking, he will learn in time, and time can be in the first nine months and fifteen.Generally, if a child did not go to one and a half years, the reason for the fears and experiences there, it's all within acceptable limits.

map of

Physical development

child increases your weight in the past month by an average of 400-450 grams, growth increased by 1.5-2 cm. The average length of the body of a ten aged 72-73cm.

Intellectual Development

kid at this age can demonstrate the following achievements in terms of intellectual development:

  • He can "professionally" for others to imitate the process of "cleaning" of the teeth with a toothbrush.
  • child may repeat the straight chain of simple syllables, as if the answer to this question.
  • kid understands and per
    forms a simple request.
  • Kid "builds" pyramids, cubes, cubes, and rings.
  • He opens the container (cans and boxes) and examines its contents.

Sensory motor development of the child

  • own child stands on legs.
  • already on the tenth of the month can be traced, which handle the lead in the game: right or left (and therefore already determined by the "right-handed" or "left-handed" is a child).
  • Kid successfully holds two objects in one pen.
  • child walks with the support of one or both of the handle.
  • He can get out on the chair and get down to it.
  • kid sits in a standing position.

social development of the baby in the tenth month of life

  • child at this age already has a favorite toy, which gives his preference.Now he can go to sleep with her.Often, this toy helps your child sleep if my mother for some reason can not be there.
  • Swimming gives immense pleasure to the kid: kid splashing, water plays, loves to swim with the toys.
  • The child imitate heard sounds, facial expressions of adults, laugh or cough.
  • Kid afraid of unfamiliar places and responds to suspicious strangers.In the presence of strangers, he may shy and only after some time get used to, it may start to behave normally.
  • child begins to pay attention to gender differences have playmates.

Motor activity

the tenth month there are significant differences in motor development of the children: some kids are nice walk, while others only just crawling or just learn it.That is, everything is very individual.But, nevertheless, all children there is a general reference: Active research surrounding space.Kids with great interest and pleasure to take out their interesting subjects successfully bypass various obstacles and even try to climb up on the chair or step, if any, is in the house.

kid at this age is great and turns sitting in a sitting position in all directions.With the provisions of "lying" excellent child goes to a sitting position, then no problem turning to the toy or adults who are interested in it most of all.

Little activist already knows how to keep balance when gets on its feet, it is perfectly based on the edge of the playpen, crib or a small table.Toddler successfully manipulates hands, it becomes more agile and skillful.A little naughty with success and with great pleasure tearing paper.

Every kid individually in their own process of preparing to walk.Some babies crawl to furniture, raised her, held, returning to the process of crawling.Others on the move "on their bellies" immediately proceed to the process of walking.Still others are full range of preparation to walking: crawl, "crustacean", go to the support, and then move to independent walking.

This ten-child

kid starts to speak, linking the action with their words.Of course, the baby's vocabulary is still very small, only 5-6 words, but he certainly can call dad dad and mom mother.The child understands what you're saying, so call him all the things by their names, developing and improving thereby the child's vocabulary.Some kids start to speak fully even after two years, but that does not mean that the child knows enough words or you will not understand.Simply, he is "ready" to the process of dialogue and fundamentally can start your speech even with the small unpretentious sentences.Therefore, do not rush things, all the time.

What to do with the baby

In the tenth month of the baby, we can complicate and enrich the range of activities and exercises that will help shape the child new skills.It is important to play with the baby, not only my mother, but also dad.Your imagination will help the overall development of various skills crumbs.At this age, the game will melt all the more meaningful, before a child can put a variety of tasks.The child already knows a lot, he can perform a variety of requests.He gives a toy, puts the toy on the table, hugging and kissing his mother, waving goodbye, etc.Talk with your baby, praise it, not only for large but also for small successes.This will encourage the crumbs to new achievements.The kid really needs your recognition and support.

tasks and games for child development

  • Introduce your baby to the concept of value.To do this, show him the two cups and put one into the other.
  • for the development of fine motor skills to use games clothespins.Attach them to the bed sheet and show your child how pegs can be removed.
  • play the game: the machine is rolling downhill.Gorka you can make out of a piece of plywood, which must be put on the edge of the chair.
  • Read baby books in pictures, show pictures and tell me who or what they depicted.
  • develop coordination of movements, and the vestibular apparatus of the baby.For this good helper-serve ball fitball, baby rocker or hammock (which can successfully replace baby blanket).
  • Buy the kid a drum and show how it is necessary to knock on it.
  • hide under a blanket or a box of a ringing alarm clock or radio.Ask the baby to find the hidden thing.By listening to the sound, the baby will try to find the hidden object .

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