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Lullaby for baby, music for meditation and relaxation

Cradle - from the word "shake", "download". My mother sang and rocked the baby. Some were born and lullabies, which became one of the genres of Russian folklore and have survived to the present day. The words themselves were formed. Lullaby for baby: music for meditationand relaxation - all this in our article.

origins of creativity

Measuring creaking pole to which was suspended a cradle with a baby, rocking her The orderly, the rustle of fabric create rhythm and brings melody repeats these sounds - monotonous, constantly repeated,lulling. lull - from the word "bayat", that is "to say", "tell". Lullaby - is not just a song, but a story, a fairy tale, tale, nursery rhymes. Mom told the kid to kid around about lullabies, thatpipsqueak was able to see or will see in the near future. These songs carry some simple first information: his family, neighbors, animals. Mom recognized the little man in love, dreaming about a good future for the baby.Hush-a-bye, man lives on the edge, he is not poor, not rich

, he has a lot of guys.He has a lot of guys on the bench all sit on the bench all sit.Porridge eating the oil.

Lullabies - a child's first encounter with the native language.Kid heard and memorized phrases that contributed to earlier development of speech.Affectionate, full of love and care my mother's voice acted soothingly.Quiet monotonous lulling melody, and the baby fell asleep quickly.However, falling asleep while unconsciously learned the folk wisdom, preparing for future life.Sleep, sleep, Bye-bye-bye!Calm down you take, Sleep, Sprinkle.Harrow combos.We are cap buy, Coat sew, sew Coat, Harrow send.The net field in the green meadows.A child from an early age he knew that to grow and will work to help their parents.That is also the cradle had educational value.Come, cat, night, Our kiddie swing.Oh, how I tell you, a cat, for his work pay - Dame piece of cake, yes sip of milk.Here is a simple and practical wisdom: the work must be paid!Often referred to mythological images lullabies Sandman.Calm down - things to help your baby to sleep, as well as images of the cat, dove, rabbit.It was believed that the cat drives away evil spirits and is a friend of houses - the house owner.The mention of a cat in a baby cradle served as a talisman.Many poets have paid attention to a lullaby.Lullabies have Zhukovsky, Lermontov, Bryusov, Blok, Balmont.Nekrasov and many others.In the XIX century lullabies are very common in academic music.Suffice it to recall Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Alyabiev.Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "Sadko" lullaby - a private room, which has an important semantic load.

What Now?

Today's children seem to do without lullabies. At best, they are replaced by soft music, andor simply TV, adult conversations and other noise. Busy parents do not have time to lulling their children. And someone sincerely believes that the child will certainly be spoiled and will continue to ask for a pen. It is not. Communicate more with the baby. Ifpipsqueak sleeps poorly and too excitable, rather than lean on medication, take it on the handle, sing songs, caress, kiss the crumbs, put themselves under the flank, sing him a gentle lullaby. We are constantly in a hurry, and appreciate their own time above all.But really in the villages several centuries ago, mothers were more free time? Hardly! We had to keep house, look after the farm work in the garden, and give birth to children, almost every year.But on medicines did not know exactly, except that the dried herbs and brewed.And I had to calm the kids in other ways - natural and very effective.Now kids, these educated, smart, precocious, often receive less attention to elementary parent.In the future, they do not feel under the protection of parents, have them warm trusting relationships.This in turn may cause problems with peers: the child is too closed.Children do not have enough parental attention, warmth, and this is confirmed by scientific research.Children nervous system is not so perfect as in adults, so we must help the child settle down, to create a psychological comforts.The first thing you need to do to be healthy child - care about creating a psychologically comfortable environment for him.A lullaby - it's a great help.Scarce feels warm, caring mother and calms down.I recently became a mother for the second time, and willy-nilly remembered lullabies that she sang the first child, and before that they sang to me my mother.Now happy to sing to their children, and they, in turn, happy to listen to them.Feeling the need for a cradle in the texts, they began to compose herself when the baby is not yet born.Like my mother, who lived a century ago, I built them on the principle of "what I see, that I sing" and invested in them his love.

breathe fresh air,

Lullabies writing,

will sing softly.

And my baby - sleep.

fall asleep dog and cat falls asleep behemoth Sleeps long prickly hedgehog, sleeping more - faster growing up.It is not necessary to come up with poetry, you can use the ready.It is not necessary to have a hearing and vote.For your baby's voice and so the best.Just love your children, these priceless treasures, and feel the joy of communicating with them.

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