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Breastfeeding - the basis of the child's health

there are "milk" and "non-dairy" women

Dear Mom in the number of "non-dairy" Women get very difficult: too much competition -100 women in a couple of places. Because the real lack of milk occurs only in 2% mom. The reasons can be quite serious hormonal disorder or disease affecting milk production. Often, these violations of women is difficult to conceive and bear a child, so these moms advance foresee problems with breastfeeding. And some of these women may be at least partially fed crumbsbreast dokarmlivaya mix. All the rest can and should be confident in their abilities! But allegedly, or a temporary lack of milk is usually associated with a failure to comply with the natural laws of lactation. It is important to be aware of these laws - and then doubts about the possibility to bring up the baby will be defeated!

My milk is not suitable baby!

It may be too fat, very low-fat, tasteless, etc.Important to know: my mother always produces a milk that is necessary is to her child!The composition o

f milk is constantly fluctuating depending on the age of the child, the time of day, mother's diet, psychological state.Even within one feeding the milk is allocated a different fat!Milk constantly "adapts to the situation."Organisms mother and crumbs depend on each other, as two parts of one whole.Therefore, every woman gives her child the most suitable milk for him: according to his age, needs, state of health.The taste of milk can vary depending on the mother's supply.Use spices, garlic or herbs sometimes milk gives a peculiar taste.Alters the taste of milk and disease.But it rarely affects the behavior of children.

child's stomach must rest, you need only wait in applying

This "rule" migrated from the recommendations on infant feeding-bottle-. Scarce receiving large portions of the mixture must be time for them to digest. But breastfeeding is fundamentally different.

• Firstly, the children usually do not suck from the breast of the amount that they receive at once out of the bottle with the mixture. From breast to eat often, but little by little.

• Second, the milk has a different mixcomposition on the amount and proportions of components and quality. In milk 87-90% water, and all the nutrients are placed in the remaining 10% -13! In the composition of breast milk is dominated digestible proteins, in contrast to cow's milk protein, based onwhich produced most of the mixtures. Breast milk - a lightweight substance that does not overload the stomach baby, even doing it with short.

If a kid asks breasts often - milk lacks

so fond of saying grandmother, help their daughters or daughters-feeding.It would seem that the conclusion about the lack of milk is quite logical, if a child asks his chest several times per hour.Important: breast for crumbs - it is not only food, but also the removal of any other generic stress the need for proximity mom opportunity warm and relax the muscles.When suckling happens relief of spasms, kids easier to go in large and small-and, very importantly, there is stimulation of all body systems.Then the ratio of frequent changes in the root attachment.A shortage of milk is determined by entirely different grounds - primarily on how the child write and gaining weight.

without express milk will soon be gone

necessary to decant to the last drop!This belief comes from the era of the feeding regime.Of course, when in spite of the most biological laws of milk woman kept three-hour breaks in feeding, giving one breast at one feeding (respectively the second breast was waiting for her "going on stage" already 6:00!), Breast pumps were the only salvation from extinction lactation. Today,when the whole world is aware of the need for breastfeeding at the request of the infant, mothers may safely breastfeed and do not cough up every last drop. decantation needed only in certain situations. For example, when a pipsqueak, for whatever reasons, are not applied to the chest or not enoughempties the breast when a woman is uncomfortable and crowded chest (usually in the first days after birth) in the case of stagnation of milk in the situation if necessary supplementation expressed milk, as well as to stimulate lactation, the shortage of milk.

cracked nipples, painand heroic patience - indispensable attributes of breastfeeding

attitude to motherhood as a constant sacrifice and stoic patience does not always lead to good results.A neuroses and moral exhaustion - quite often.Unfortunately, we have heard from mothers that they have stopped breastfeeding due to pain and cracked nipples do not get competent help, although I wanted to continue breastfeeding.Breastfeeding - is the initial stage of motherhood, and "good start" will lead to a good result. When the mother gives the baby the breast, it not only nourishes him, she expresses her love to him, full of its adoption. It is hard to imagine that nature intended to express love with clenchedpain teeth. Long experience of pain during applying crumbs to his chest, cracks, scratches on the nipple - this is not the norm! The most common reason is poor latch, because of which injures the baby pacifiers. But there are other problems: short hyoid bridle the babyuneven tone or maxillo-facial muscles. This problem can be solved! The main thing - time to ask for help, and have a clear idea of ​​what is good attachment. Learn about this can be lectures on breastfeeding, to learn from the experienced breastfeeding mothers, to see pictures on the internet.

Chest it is necessary to wash before each feeding

On the chest there are glands that secrete an antibacterial grease, and milk itself is protective factors.Therefore it is sufficient to wash the chest during a shower.In stagnant or mastitis have to stop breast-feeding, as it is necessary to take antibiotics.Every family has a horror story about how someone of the older women in the family had to because of mastitis weaned baby or worse - fall into the hands of the surgeon.In our time, this fear is unfounded.Knowing the rules of successful feeding, recourse to consultants and doctors, mothers are much reduce the risk of serious complications.Basic health breast - applying on-demand, high-quality breast emptying and monitoring of the seizure of the right breast.A healthy baby usually does not allow for large intervals, causing the mother to produce as much milk as he needs, and constantly empties the breast.If trouble befallen, there is a wide range of medications (among them, and antibiotics) that can be taken without stopping breastfeeding.These drugs or get into breast milk or fall in amounts not harmful to the baby.

Life without dummy is not possible!

child is nervous and torment my mother.Mom, without costing pacifiers, less health risks of breast, quickly recovered after the birth (by frequent applying better shrinking the uterus) does not spoil the crumbs right breast grab, insures itself from lack of milk, correctly respond to the crying baby.Breastfed need after crumbs changed a diaper, do gymnastics, laid out on his stomach, etc.It is said that all the procedures you need to do to applying to the chest, not to pipsqueak srygnul.But this is not true.The natural sequence of psychologically comfortable for the baby, like this: wake up - the chest, and then everything else.If a pipsqueak is not prone to spitting up, and then after feeding can be neatly undercut him and changing diapers.If he often vomits, diarrhea vertically after feeding, and then wash and change clothes.Bathe children can be 20-30 minutes after the feeding.You will see how much less they cry with such consistency and how well breastfeed.Note: this advice suits kids who do not have problems too severe regurgitation (2-3 table spoons after each feeding, as well as repeated regurgitation fountain).Such regurgitation - a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor!

dill Vodicka helps otboley tummy

Moreover, it is unscientific information, it is also a disservice crumbs.Even if reception of these teas will temporary relief, it will remove the maturation of the gastrointestinal tract.If you have problems, get an experienced consultant on breastfeeding - it will give you some advice on the baby later.The World Health Organization advises against giving infants nothing but breast milk for up to six months.

babies need water dopaivat

Recall: breast milk contains 87-90% water.The children exclusively breast feeding do not need dopaivanii water.Excess water can even lead to a decrease in weight gain, so the effect on the frequency of breastfeeding.Also, the water dilutes the perfect natural balance of the components of milk.And see previous point - WHO we decree!

-Syty child should sleep long

Often the word "child should!" I want to ask: "Who it should?"What pipsqueak still has - a weight gain within the normal range (not less than 125 g per week), and to develop harmoniously.And if for this he needs to nurse every hour and little sleep (breastfed babies usually sleep from 20-30 minutes to 1.5-2 hours) - so, for it is the best option!Kids also receiving a mixture of really sleep longer.Do not forget that the rules for babies and bottle-quite different.

After 6 (12,18, etc.) months breast milk is no longer good

This information has no scientific evidence!Studies show that at any stage of lactation, breast milk is a great value for the child.Even when the baby is grown up and is actively lure suckles a lot less than in the first months, it continues to receive from the milk of calcium, iron and other trace elements, vitamins, and in the most easily digestible form.Also in the milk always contains enzymes that help digest food better baby foods, because of its own enzyme systems mature long to 2.5-3 years.Remember, even a small amount of breast milk gives the child a powerful immune support due to the content of antibodies (immunoglobulins).This is not a complete list of nutrients in human milk, but it is useful throughout the life-feeding, however long or was this process: one, two or more.Scarce harmful accustomed to arms and to co-sleep with their parents.Razbaluete - never with the hands will not peel off!This "horror story" is dangerous because it interferes with the deep connection of mother and baby, striking maternal intuition. A young mother wants to endlessly push the crumbs to the chest, to caress and cherish it! But often she hears "good" advice to put the baby in the crib,until he "spoiled." "Then you say thank you!"- So usually end rants about education and self-hardened from the first days of life in society.Dear Mom!Sensitive, intelligent, subtle feelings, know your baby, do not rush to say "thank you"! The whole world psychology and psychotherapy talks about the importance of constant close contact with a newborn mother. The fact that an infant is put the child's personality and personality development depends onMom treats crumbs in the first months and years of his life. Read books and articles on perinatal psychology. Having a lot of wear baby in her arms, allowing him to be close to day and night, you will see: the wearing of arms, in constant contact with the mother forthe very first months of life crumbs - is key to the development of a harmonious, self-reliant and successful person in the future. Experience shows that mothers who provide such care your baby and yourself feel more confident, quiet, they are not threatened postpartum depression and they are noStrangely enough, much less tired.

Swaddling delays physical development of the young child

used to be that swaddling helps babies leveling legs, and today's medicine it denies.Somehow, many parents refuse to swaddling, believing that with such "freedom" pipsqueak develops faster. If you wear a lot of the baby in her arms or in a sling when he is calm and good sleep without swaddling, without it really possible to do. However, almostall babies are restless moments. For some kids swaddling - a good opportunity to relax because of which the kid can handle toss, twist legs bend. After all, our crumbs still immature nervous system, they have no localization of pain in any particular place - evenfermentation in small tummy gives a sense of discomfort throughout the body. The change of weather, stress, my mother, going to the clinic, abdominal pain, emotional and physical overload - is only part of the causes of restless behavior of kids. A child in a troubled state of the chest can capture even wrong, complicatingerratic movements of the feeding arms and legs. So do not expressly disclaims swaddling. It calms the crumbs, returning him to the feeling of a cozy little world inside the mother, from whom he was recently released.And the baby gradually gets used, as here, in the big world, also nice and quiet.We adults too often like to sleep curled up and covered the rug, even if we were not cold.This "cocoon" as it gives the opportunity to relax from the "big" world "small." We all come from childhood. And to know the big world pipsqueak will while awake, which as they mature will be more. You have to go for your child andlearn to understand his behavior and well-being when he needs to swaddle him.

Towards harmony

In the very first months, the baby should follow in everything he tells you how often it needs to breastfeed, bemy mother in her arms, how long sleep and watch what foods in the mother's diet, he sees calmly, but with some better wait a little. Following the needs of the baby easier to care for, remove unnecessary excitement will give you confidence in their actions. And all of this -the first step to health, harmony and joy in your family!

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