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The fourth month of child development

child on the fourth month of life changed in appearance.At this age, significantly changing the color and quality of the child's hair.The reason for all - the loss of the primary thin and delicate hair, which the baby was born.Now you can decide what the baby will be the color of the eyes.As you know, all babies are born with blue eyes.By the age of three months, the iris of the eye varies significantly, and it becomes clear, brown-eyed or blue-eyed will your baby.

Important achievements of the fourth month of the baby

physical development indicators

In the fourth month of the child observed the following changes of physical development:

  • increase in body weight of 600-750 grams of 140-170 gevery week;
  • kid grows on average by 2-2.5 cm.

Given the rapid growth of the baby in the first year of life, it is important to ensure receipt of his body enough vitamin "D", especially from September to April, when solar activity wanes.Vitamin "D" will promote the absorption of calcium by the body ba

by, and, consequently, - proper growth and development.Always consult your pediatrician about the dosage of the drug use.

Sensory-motor skills

In terms of sensory-motor development in the fourth month of life, one can observe the appearance of the following skills:

  • some kids may already own to roll from back to stomach and vice versa;
  • child is able to keep the head raised a long period of time;
  • bottle-fed babies are ready for the introduction of the first complementary foods;
  • child turns the head in all directions in the supine and in position on the tummy;
  • kid can hold small objects between thumb and forefinger;
  • active toddler splashing in the water while swimming;
  • baby focuses his eyes on objects at different distances;
  • child moves in the bed due to the commission of "swimming" movements;
  • baby gets and "tries" were to handle things on taste;
  • child is familiar with many scents, distinguishes them.

intellectual achievements baby

kid that age has matured considerably in terms of intellectual development.He can already:

  • smile and vocalize in the presence of adults who cause him great interest;
  • baby creates new sounds, listen to them, simulates the familiar tone;
  • child is able to remember events in a short period of time, five to seven seconds;
  • baby aktivnichaet longer plays for an hour or more between periods of sleep.

Social Development kid

In the fourth month of life the child grows socially.He laughs when tickled interested in their display in the mirror, draws attention through a variety of sounds with pleasure listening to soft music, smiles when talking to him.Admission baby food combines with the game.He is no longer the helpless little man as he was before, he is actively interested in his surroundings.

Motor activity baby at the fourth month of life

In the fourth month of life the child begins to steadily hold the head, rotate it to the side for a long time to keep it in the prone position.The kid learns to roll over from back to stomach and vice versa.

Cams baby is not compressed at birth.The child is able to take in a toy pen, keep it, and "try" to taste.When a baby is lying on his stomach, something happens, it seems that he is attempting to swim.In fact - this is the first attempt to crawl!

Some parents on your own or on the advice of grandmothers kids starting to sit down with a four-month age.Podiatrists also in this issue adhere to a common point of view: "Do not hurry!" Sitting down baby for a few seconds, can be used as an element of daily physical exercises.If the baby sits down too early, when his body is not yet ready for independent seat can seriously harm the development of the musculoskeletal system.When the spine and muscular system get stronger kid properly, he sits himself.Sit your baby in five months, six or seven is not important, the main thing - he will do it when it is ready for it 100%.

Languages ​​

kid at this age already knows how to laugh out loud.It is an active component of social development!Along with "agukaniem" in a speech toddler appear certain sounds such as "s", "e", "s", "a", "l", "m", "b", "n" and others.

Sleeping baby

Usually, baby night sleep becomes deeper, baby sleeps an average of 10-11 hours.Daytime sleep is divided into two or three periods: one dream before lunch and one or two of sleep in the afternoon.Adapts to the needs of the baby.As a rule, if you want to sleep, the child becomes sluggish, rubbing his eyes, yawning.Others are children, on the contrary, are more active, but at the same time and irritable.

The baby is developing rapidly

To a child more actively developed, it is recommended to stimulate the visual and auditory receptors, as well as contribute to the development of motor skills of the baby.Based on the foregoing, the fourth month of child development it is advisable to carry out these development activities, as well as a set of gymnastic exercises.

Exercises for active development

  • Say baby sounds, by which "talk" different animals.Show your child how the dog is barking, meowing cat kudkudahkaet chicken, Meca goat, a pig grunts, mumbles cow.
  • periodically leave the baby naked on different surfaces.It would be better to form a tactile perception of the child environment.
  • Everything that you do with a baby (his undress, dress, doing massage, gymnastics, swimming) to voice use with corresponding poems and songs.
  • Play hide and seek with the baby.
  • Play with a child, used to play a variety of colorful rattle sound.
  • Meet the child with new sounds, shows the place where the sound comes from.
  • Put next to a child watches, followed his reaction as he reacts to the ticking.Speak for yourself, "Tick-tock, tick-tock ...»

Gymnastics for the development of the baby at the fourth month of life

To the kid more actively developed, it is important to conduct regular exercises and massage.Light strokes handles, legs, massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction will help to relieve the tension of the muscles and calm the baby.

Do flexion and extension legs the baby, as well as prevention of hip dysplasia - a circular motion legs in the hip joints.Follow your baby turns his back on his stomach and from stomach to back, holding him by the legs.Follow the "sitting down": taking the baby for pens, stimulate raise the head and upper torso.At the same time, do not pull forcefully child.If he does not give in and tries to lift himself, the execution of this exercise should be postponed.It is also important to perform breathing exercises: Dilute handle baby in hand, and then cross them on the chest.

fourth month of a child - is a transition period, marked a new stage of growing a baby.Do not forget to pay attention to your child as often as possible to talk to him, smile to the little son or daughter to, and in return will definitely get a lot of positive emotions.

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