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Pasta carbonara classic

classic Carbonara Pasta carbonara classic Italian dishes, a native of the province of Lazio - a spaghetti with chunks of guanciale (salted pork cheeks nekopchёnye) or pancetta, pecorino romano cheese and freshly ground pepper.I'm a fan of this dish, and so I hasten to tell you how to cook it.More can be added that pasta carbonara traditional food of the Italian coal miners, that is very satisfying and men's dish!And so choose foods: Spaghetti of durum wheat, a piece of pancetta and pecorino romano cheese and Parmesan.Spaghetti sauce cook only with cheese, eggs and peppers, but there are variations and using the cream.

  • Spaghetti 200g
  • Pancetta 140g
  • Olive oil Article 5.l.
  • Eggs 2 pcs.
  • pecorino romano cheese 130g
  • ground black pepper 4 pinch
  • Step 1 To prepare pasta carbonara take spaghetti, olive oil, pancetta, eggs, cheese and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Step 2 pancetta cut into bars.
  • Step 3 Grate the cheese on a fine grater.
  • Step 4 eggs beat well with a f
  • Step 5 Then add to it half the grated cheese and a pinch of 2-3 large black pepper.
  • Step 6 Mix everything well.
  • Step 7 remaining grated cheese mixed with 2-3 pinches of freshly ground black pepper.
  • Step 8 Bring the water to a boil (at the rate of 100 g spaghetti 1 liter of water), add 1-2 tbsp.l.olive oil and boil the spaghetti to the state of al dente.
  • Step 9 In the meantime, heat the 2-3 items.l.olive oil and fry the pancetta fat until transparent, but it does not dry.Then remove from heat and pancetta give cool to infusing eggs, not curled protein.
  • Step 10 To the sauce is smooth, it is necessary to warm up over boiling water, stirring gently.
  • Step 11 Then pour the sauce in the pan and gently warm all stirring constantly.
  • Step 12 Spaghetti throw in a colander, not much strushivaya water to keep the temperature of the paste to thicken the sauce.
  • Step 13 Put the hot pasta to the pan and quickly stir everything with the sauce.Serve sprinkled cheese mixed with freshly ground black pepper.

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