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Linen jelly

  • Flax seed - 2 tbsp.spoon
  • Water - 1 liter

Our ancestors knew the recipe how to prepare a linen pudding, it's a very useful supplement to a healthy diet that improves us as the inside (use for digestion) and outside (improvesthe appearance of skin, hair and nails).And the cost, with all the benefits - mere penny!So heartily advise you to prepare a linen pudding at home and get a portion of useful substances for the organism: 1. Bring to boiling water (1 liter) pour her flax seeds (2 tablespoons).Put the water with flax in a water bath and kept at it for 2 hours.2. After 2 hours, remove the linen pudding from the water bath, cooled to room temperature, filtered through cheesecloth.3. Actually, that's all - a linen pudding ready healthier your body!Drink it recommends for half an hour before a meal, about 100 ml, 3 times a day.I'm sure the first results of eating flaxseed jelly you will notice a week later.Be healthy and beautiful, both inside and outside!

Servings: 8