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How to care for the Persian cat


Persian cats can not comb "Slicker".Ideal for Persian wool suit steel comb with long teeth but, in any case, not sharp.There are special professional combs:

  • Comb company Jimpet - this comb has teeth that are two methods of frequency;
  • Professional hairbrush company All System.

If you can not buy professional comb, buy a pair of combs, one with a long and thick teeth, and the other long, but few teeth.

Schooling your pet scratching the procedure - the process time-consuming, so start familiarizing the cat with a comb should be as soon as possible.Gently but insistently in the game to teach your kitten comb.Put a cat belly up in her lap.Start with the hair combed in the neck.Gently and carefully comb the hair in the armpits and between the front legs, and then on his stomach and then on his hind legs.The animal is combed, first against the direction of hair growth, and then in the direction of hair growth.Put the cat on feet and comb the hair on the back and tail.Combing procedure sho

uld be carried out daily during the domestication kitten to comb.


Persian cats usually bathe once a month.Although if you intact cat might need to bathe more often.This is due to the secretions of the sebaceous gland, which is located at the base of the tail.Such allocation unpleasant smell and contaminate the tail.

Before you start bathing a cat should be well comb.If the animal formed mats, be sure to comb dip them all.For this fit a comb with teeth of varying lengths.Select shampoo to wash their Persian cat is very simple:

  • usual shampoo for normal hair with a neutral pH.Do not use shampoos that claim to be "3 in 1" or "2 in 1";
  • good shampoo for children;
  • Special shampoos for pets;
  • To combat fleas suitable shampoo Frontlaine company Merial, a shampoo Advantage company Bayer.

water to wash the cat should not be hot, but not cold.Optimum temperature - 38 degrees, as it corresponds to the temperature of the cat's body.The main thing to remember when bathing - a thorough rinsing after every soaping hair.How many times you wash the cat with shampoo, depending on the degree of contamination of wool.Simply rinse the animal can not be in the shower.Be sure to use a small bowl or a baby bath.Thoroughly wet water hair cat, and then apply a small amount of shampoo on the animal's back and abdomen.Slowly rub the shampoo into the hair.Apply a small amount of shampoo on the sponge and foam whisk.Sponge with foam wash your hair in the direction of growth.Very gently wash your hair on the muzzle.Shampoo and water should not fall into the ears and eyes.Throughout the procedure, wash the cat should be on the feet in the basin.Add in a basin of water and rinse the shampoo from the coat of the animal.Then again soap cat.Rinse the hair cat need to complete washout shampoo after each application of shampoo.While the Cat is in a basin, water it a shower, washing away the shampoo and filling the basin with water.Water in the basin and rinse hair cat.Rinse hair should be at least three times after every soaping before the next.The latest water for rinsing can be weakly acidic.To do this, add the little vinegar or lemon juice.After completion of the bathing wrap the cat in large towel and gently pat the entire six to completely remove moisture.

Before drying wet wool Persian cat, be sure to carefully comb it in the direction of hair growth.During the drying process it is also important to comb wool.Even after thorough drying, the percentage of moisture in the hair cats remain.Try to get in a few hours the cat was not in a cold room or in a draft.

eyes, ears and claws of an animal as in need of care.


Care ears animal assumes a weekly cleaning special cotton swab with warm boiled water, or for the care of the ears, you can use hydrogen peroxide.Suit also special tools for the cosmetic treatment of the ears of animals.With extreme caution wipe the outer ear and the inner part of the ear.The tampon must be carefully squeezed.Moisture must not get into the ear canal.Treatments ears of the animal, such as care for the human ears.


For the eyes of the Persians require extra care, as a special form of faces Persians promotes additional pressure on the tear ducts and the strong lacrimation.Average condition characterized by transparent "tears" with a slight brown tint.Excess moisture in the eyes of the Persians can be removed by conventional soft cosmetic tissue.Caring for a cat in this way must be every day, or, if time permits, several times a day.In the case of congestion around the eyes dried up secretions cloth moistened with boiled water.In the water you can add a few drops of tincture of eucalyptus.


nail cutting procedure is necessary for the front paws Persian 1 time in two weeks, and the rear - 1 time per month.Nail cutting will help ensure the preservation of the skin of your hands and feet, as well as furniture and carpets.For trimming of nails you will need a special tool - "kogterezki" small.Buy it, you can at any pet store.

cat lay on his lap, her calm and stroke.Lightly press down on the footpad, the cat claws.Hold the cat's finger, cut the sharp tip of the nail, but before reaching the blood vessel.It you can easily see-through.This procedure Care Persian cat quite difficult, quite feasible in the home.You do not need a special visit to the vet.


main condition to your Persian cat to preserve their health, beauty and longevity - is proper nutrition.Provide your pet with all necessary substances and vitamins to help feed the following:

  • Royal Canin;
  • Acana;
  • Hills;
  • 1st Choice;
  • Eagle Pack;
  • Jams.

From a good general state of health and the Persian cat depends on its appearance and feel, as well as a long life with her beloved master.

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