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Dog breed American Bulldog

American bulldog breed dogs - dogs strong, heavy in proportion to the weight.Content is allowed in the apartment provided a systematic exercise.Well suited experienced owners.


American Bulldog - especially evil brave guard, wherein the special ferocity, rapid detection and neutralization of any threat to the host.This dog has a sweet temper, loves households and gets along well with children.This faithful and devoted dog that will reliably guard his master, will delight his high intelligence and a good learning disabilities.

Bulldogs traditionally used for protection and hunting, but also the bad dogs can perform other tasks.These dogs will help you in any job.Features character Bulldogs willfulness and stubbornness, have a claim to leadership in the family.While still a puppy, Bulldog must learn who is the boss, otherwise, your dog will be the main, but, alas, not yourself.The dog initially understands if you can get her what she wants to do it or not.From the owner of the American bull

dog, would require such qualities as perseverance, determination, confidence and action.The process of training is complicated by the stubbornness of the dog.

is very important to introduce an early age american bulldog puppy with your friends and acquaintances.The dog should know the difference between enemies and friends, otherwise nothing taught the dog begins to bite all strangers encountered on her path.Bulldogs do not do so by the fact that evil and extremely hostile, and follow the natural instinct to protect.The difference dog must learn to see as soon as possible, otherwise the adult dog will be too late to explain anything, and punishment will not lead to positive results.

Most representatives of this breed can not live under the same roof with the dog of your gender.Ignoring this fact, you should be prepared for the fact that dogs are regularly fight each other.It may happen that the next battle would be fatal.Also, do not keep in the same house with the American bulldog cats, and various small animals: the dog will tend to catch and kill the animal, following his instinct.The nature of this breed can be corrected at an early age, having special training, accustomed to certain standards of behavior in situations of communication with other animals.

Lines breed

Buying American bulldog breeders carefully select.Verified known breeders will provide you with quality matching the characteristics of the dog breed.

English Bull beyting-Bulldogs - descended from them American Bulldogs.This breed several lines.One of the most popular now line «Dick the Bruiser».The owner, John D. Johnson said that his dog Dick weighed 41kg.However, witnesses proved somewhat different figures: the dog's weight was 32-36 kg.Dick was a wonderful dog and producer.

Line «Mac the Masher» approaches to weight sorokakilogrammovym Bull beyting bulldog.«Mac the Masher» Line belongs to Alan Scott.Dogs of this line were used to hunt wild boar.To chase after wild boars at this line dogs have additional benefits: longer in comparison with the type of dog «the Bruiser» legs and muzzle.

Another line of this breed - «the Big George».Externally, the dogs differ greatly from the previous two lines.George himself had little resemblance to the former Bull beyting bulldog, distinguished by large size, high growth, long ears and resembles hounds.

modern American Bulldog - is the result of cross-breeding of all three lines.As in the old days, the American Bulldog is used for catching wild boar, flocks of wild dogs baiting.Although the main purpose of a bulldog to perform rough, often bloody work, it is a pet and very faithful friend of man.


Combing produce about twice a week.Grooming easy.Regular combing hair fallen will not be enough.How can comb brush and a rubber glove, more preferred and enjoyable for the dog.

Weekly necessary to cut the claws.If you claws worn down themselves, the less often as needed.Regularly clean the ear moves to prevent inflammation and infection, which are subject to some American Bulldogs.Bathe your dog regularly there is no need, only as needed.

Breed demanding physical exercise daily walk with her to be not less than one hour.Living in an apartment, the owner should regularly walk the dog.Dogs of this breed love to actively work with the owner to walk and play with children.

Disease American bulldog

American Bulldog - dogs that are not susceptible to disease, are generally healthy.Experts reveal the most in the American Bulldog, some of these diseases:

  • unilateral or bilateral deafness
  • Hip dysplasia, elbow joint
  • Inversion century (entropion)
  • Allergies Skin diseases associated with immune problems.

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