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Soup with pork tongue and beets

  • water - 2 liters
  • pig tongue - 300 grams
  • beet - 1.5 kg
  • flour - 2 tbsp.Spoon sour cream
  • - 3-4 Art.
  • spoons of butter - 100 grams
  • vinegar - 1 tbsp.Spoon
  • herbs, sugar, pepper and salt - to taste

This light and healthy soup made from a minimum of ingredients.Preparation: Wash the pork tongue, peel and cut into strips.Place the tongue in a pot, cover with cold water and put on fire.Simmer until tender 2-3 hours.Boil the beets to cool.Coarsely grate and place in pan.Add 6-8 tablespoons of hot water, vinegar and butter.Boil.Melt the butter in a frying pan.Add the flour and fry, stirring constantly.Clean the beets through a sieve and add to the soup with the language.Add sieved flour, sugar, salt and black pepper.Boil.Ladle soup into bowls and garnish with chopped herbs and serve with sour cream.

Servings: 4