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The behavior of domestic cats

That's just about the shortcomings of their four-legged pets owners of cats respond almost equally."Incorrect" (in terms of their owners) the behavior of domestic cats is very similar.It is in its "shortcomings" over the merits of cats, as, probably, and people are more similar to each other.

«Negative» quality cats (ineradicable habit of sharpening his claws on expensive furniture, or trim your favorite chair, there are indoor plants, purring in your ear when you are doing something important, and so on) are not explained "harmfulness" of catsand motivations of their behavior, which predictably determined by their natural instincts.

Many tolerate "bad" habits of cats.But the cat did not irritate you, you can send it to "natural" behavior in a positive manner.Moreover, you can train a cat, not only in the circus Kuklachev.It is only important to understand the causes "negative" behavior of cats and weaknesses turn into advantages that will bring the hosts even more enjoyment of his society caudate oth


As an example, the need to sharpen the claws of cats.This instinct is a cat as a means to maintain physical fitness, way mark its territory, finally, as a cat, "manicure".What can we do about it?Buy or make a stand for scratching (for example, a low beam, coiled rope).It is worth a little effort, patience, and encouragement on your part, and the cat will always sharpen claws on this "shell" and stop scratching the furniture and wallpaper.

domestic cat behavior is determined by its instincts.These - hunting instinct, self-preservation, the protection of the territory, the extension of its feline kind;the need for food.Finally, there is a need in the game and chat - it is rather a manifestation of the cat's "intelligence" that determines the unique individuality of each of these amazing mustachioed and tailed creatures.

need only to understand what the needs of the natural cat defines a particular aspect of its behavior, and you can send the cat track.

Domestic cats, though smaller than wild counterparts, are true predators.It is useless to punish a cat because she hunts.In order not to deprive the pleasure of hunting cat, cat direct efforts on the game.If the house has other animals, consider measures to ensure their safety.

Food stimulates cats in varying degrees.Since the food in the house for your pet enough, only a rather "tough" measures could wean him from a bad habit to get on a working kitchen table or overturning trash.

fight for their territory.This is the most typical for non-castrated males.It appears the stronger, the more cats in your home or yard.The manifestations of this - urinating in the wrong places, incessant scratching things, fights with the neighborhood cats.Much of this is also characteristic of the cats when somewhere nearby there is a dog.The best way - sterilization of animals.It is also the best way to get rid of the problems associated with females in estrus and with males that in the presence of females in this period become particularly aggressive.

Of course, it seems cruel and unnatural.But what really badly - it's cats kill millions each year only because all of them are missing the hosts.If you do not have the conditions for keeping kittens, or you no one to give them or sell advice: sterilize your cat.The cat will live much longer and enjoy a healthy and serene life.

Many predators that enough food, who have few enemies, often playing not to lose hunting skills and to just spend time.Need a cat in the game - the cause of many "dirty tricks" that it makes.To play cats irritated, try to give it more time and try to instill it "useful" habits, such as playing with certain objects in a certain place.Show your imagination and talent of the trainer.

cats decide that for them is dangerous and what is safe.If the cat feels the danger, no one will ever convince her that she was safe.This should be considered when raising the animal.

root of the problems between man and cat often lies in the failure to understand that a cat is not the property owner.The independent nature of the cat never cease to be a cat and never become a plaything of the owner.It may be only a friend, and friends take for what they are.It is in this - the higher, true relationship of humans and animals, a source of pleasure to communicate with their pets for the true lovers, and the noble breed of cat.

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