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Treatment of diseases of potatoes

at work by the employee, I learned the story of how her son was four-leg burn.The noise and ran to a neighbor rescued the situation.She poured in a basin of cold water and put her foot on the baby in the pelvis any time.Then they put a lot grated potato on the burn.Once the potatoes are heated, she took off and puts the next portion, and so for 40 minutes.When the pain subsided, the child calmed down.Thus, the potato has a softening effect.A few days later the burned skin on his leg peeled.

In such situations, the main act very quickly.If the burn is small in size, the burned area should be placed under running water or in a container with water, placed on the 15 minutes to moisten everything profusely cologne solution of potassium permanganate or alcohol.Then attach to the skin of raw grated potatoes or cabbage leaves to make.Potato weight should be put on a cloth gauze and the bandage is changed every 30 minutes.It can reduce pain, prevent blistering, after which the scars may remain.

the treatment of boils and ulcers are very necessary potato packs.Grated raw potatoes can be treated with pustular skin lesions.It is necessary for this potato juice soak a gauze bandage and apply to the sore spot.It should change the bandage after 4-6 hours.

At various bruises helps potatoes need to grate the potatoes on a grater, put this mixture on the gauze, to make the place of injury and make a bandage.

who have problems with the stomach - gastritis or an ulcer, it is recommended to take before meals 05, a glass of raw potato juice.It reduces gastric acidity, and promotes healing of ulcers.

raw potato juice also cleanses the body.In combination with carrot juice it is especially useful.

As you can see, the potatoes necessary product in the diet and faithful helper in the treatment of many diseases.

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