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Fitch: maintenance of the house

Cubs ferrets are called pups, and these kids is absolutely necessary to proper upbringing.It's best to buy ferrets in small specialty stores and nurseries, adult and wild ferrets are resistant to the educational process.How to bring a ferret at home once you decide, individually, depending on the nature of your puppy.The maximum effective method of "carrot and stick", the dosage of both, again, the individual.

Ferrets freedom-loving animals, so severe punishment for them will be locked in a cage.Like most animals, ferrets sensitive nose and flick on the nose, (say the newspaper) for them, too, a very severe punishment.Just punishment can serve as a cold shower in a short muzzle.If something in the behavior of your pet you find unacceptable, just take it in your hands, and gently shaking loudly say "no" or if it is more convenient, "Fu".Try not to abuse penalties, otherwise it will damage the establishment of warm relations between you.

If ferret did something right, be sure to praise him, and lodged

some vegetable or fruit treat.Various sausage, biscuits and sweets ferrets are contraindicated.

ferret accustomed to the toilet in the same manner.Litter box cat is fine.If you live in a house cat, it is best if every pet will have its own toilet.Ferrets - chistyuli and will not spoil in a place for sleeping or eating.What would an animal quickly recognized the toilet, better brand new little dirty tray in his feces.Sometimes adults brought up by the animal can spoil tray, this happens if the animal is frightened or worried as well, if he wants to assert itself in this way.

Weasel is very loyal to the children and playful.Toys for it is better to choose and avoid latex rubber and fur, as their pieces can clog the intestines of animals if swallowed.The cell is to put him in rare cases, when traveling, cleaning or Punishment.

for a comfortable life ferret needs space.Minimum room, ideally, the whole apartment.Only in such a fragile animals need constant supervision.Ferrets have difficulty seeing and can not properly assess the distance, making even fall off the couch is very traumatic.Due to the small size and ferrets malooperabelny in accidents it is not possible to their rescue.

Before you start ferret bring apartment in order, make sure that there are no holes and crevices in which ferret can get stuck, including the radiator.Ferrets are very poorly tolerate heat and direct sunlight!Remove from places within the reach of a ferret electric wire, flowers, fragile items, household chemicals.Be careful for yourself, try not to step on it, and do not press down, prigrevshegosya under your blanket ferret turning over in bed.

Ferrets should be vaccinated against distemper sure, even if its only home detention.Pathogens can bring home to yourself, such as shoes.This disease is virtually incurable for the ferret.After vaccination you may experience side effects, therefore, in the grafting, you must hold a veterinary clinic at least an hour.Vaccination against rabies is desirable to put only when absolutely necessary, for example before the trip or stay in dangerous contamination of the ground, so the vaccine is very difficult to ferret tolerated.
And most importantly, love your pet, and he will answer you the same!