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Products for the extension of youth

thyroid gland produces special hormones that control many processes in the body, including the skin and subcutaneous tissue.From the health of the liver depends on the form of our hair, nails, complexion and even weight.It is necessary to monitor the health of this important body.This will help the doctor endocrinologist, as well as a special blood test to determine the level of thyroid hormones and iodine saturation of liver tissue.Products to prolong youth and normal liver function - all those that contain iodine.Namely: seafood (seaweed and fish, mussels, shrimps), iodized salt, raw potatoes.But in all the measure is necessary, and an overdose of iodine can lead to organ malfunction.Liver reduces effect of toxic substances or bacteria entering the body.In order not to complicate the already difficult work drink tablets for any reason, especially those that affect the liver.Remember, the more harm it brings the body alcohol.

most lazy body ... the brain.He also played no small role in maintaining yout
h.The brain requires both mental attitude for a long and healthy life, and the right makeup nutrients.Carbohydrates, glucose, and antioxidants, essential for the brain, in potatoes.And the strengthening of memory will take care of coenzyme Q10.Suppliers of proteins and lipids is a saltwater fish (mackerel, tuna, herring).

physical activity, good appearance, normal weight, and more helps support heart, that you should keep a powerful workout.Suffice it to 30 minutes training 3 times a week, and my heart is beating as it should for many years.As regards products to prolong cardiac young, there are indispensable strawberries containing iron, calcium, phosphorous, as well as peanuts, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Another "organ" that needs products that contribute to the extension of youth, it is the skin.Over the years, it loses its freshness and healthy complexion due to slowing of metabolic processes.Dead cells with age, bad removed from the surface, the skin becomes drier.Therefore, she needed help in the form of additional exfoliating peels, scrubs and moisturizing.Extension of youthful skin to help avocado pulp of ripe fruit is very useful, because of the content of special acids that nourish the cells and prevent excessive moisture output.Oysters containing sea minerals, iodine, zinc at least useful.And another product that grace affects the skin - chocolate!Cocoa beans provide antioxidant protection for the skin and strengthen the structure of proteins and maintain hydration.But do not get involved in a product that it did not bring harm instead of good!

Do not forget about the gut, which is not only a guide, and food waste substances.In the colon produce vitamin.Disruption of the normal functioning of the bowel will certainly affect the appearance.Just need every day to eat 250-300 g of fiber, which is contained in a black whole wheat bread and bran bread.Useful as cabbage, carrots, parsley.

As you can see, products that help the body stay young are easily accessible.We just need to regularly include them in your diet.

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