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A dog and a small child

a walk with the dog before the first meeting with the child.This will allow your pet to be calm and happy ride.You will be able to control it.

Give the dog the command "sit", caress it and only then make a baby.If your pet is active and can not sit quietly for a minute, put a leash.If the dog tries to jump, you can prevent it.To calm your pet has been primarily, you do not need to be nervous.Dogs are very well feel the mood of the hosts.

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Let one spouse keeps the dog on the leash, and the second will make the baby.Do not focus on their first meeting, she still held.The dog may not be noticed immediately the child.When our pets see something new, the first thing they sniff unfamiliar object.Let the dog sniff the baby, praise her.First meeting took place, everyone can do their own thing.Allow your pet to leave the kitchen or another room.It is possible that the dog will accept the new order of things is normal.

Teach the dog to deal with children.

When your child begins to crawl, grab, pu

ll, drag a dog for all the parts of her body, the pet should already be ready for such action.Begin teaching your dog to respond properly to communicate with your baby it.It is important to provide training so that seniors have not seen.The child repeats the behavior of parents, which can lead to problems between the dog and the kids.Teach your household be affectionate and attentive to your pet, because it is the same family member.

to the dog enjoyed the games with your children, gradually start grabbing her skin.Not much and tenderly.Let accustomed to the new manner of petting.Praise your pet, squeezing her skin.You can pull her ears, or knock.Remember that everything must be gently and carefully.In this case, a pet such affection would be seen as a game and fun, and will be quite wagging tail.

Children love to cuddle dogs, squeeze them and squeeze.To make sure your pet has not been surprised by the games start to teach it in advance.Praise your dog, talk to her about what she was wonderful and beautiful and embrace it.First, quickly, and then the following razah longer and longer.So you train your pet to embrace.

Loud noise, children squealing, laughing, crying - all of which can frighten the dog.To avoid negative reactions, start to teach your pet to the loud voices of different tones.Talk to the dog out loud, changing the tone of his voice.Do not scare her, do not say angry.After each of your loud cries of praise and stroke the pet.It should gradually get used to loud noises.During the dog eats, includes recording the children's screams, laughter, weeping.So you create an association in the mind of the dog children's voices with something enjoyable with "food."

Do not cry and do not hurt the dog!When you raise your voice and punish pet, he appeared negative reactions to cry.When you beat a dog, she begins to fear any sudden movements.Every child is mobile, active.Actions children often cutting.Let your dog is not afraid of such movements.

By following simple rules, a preliminary training with your dog, you can avoid the problems of interaction between pet and baby.Let your children play, walk, like a dog, it will be a gentle friend for your child.

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