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Feeding and caring for budgies

feeding and care of budgies.Parrots finding family behave completely differently.They were needed at the beginning of a rigorous care and proper feeding.Like all animal organisms parrots need in your diet: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.For a better development need vitamins, trace elements, minerals.All this is contained in a variety of fodder, fruits and herbs.

Senegalese millet thanks to its thin peel is suitable for small parrots.Because of its special nutritional oats is a valuable food, it contains vitamins B and C.

Wheat because of their hardness of the grain is not recommended for eating parrots.

Figure not possess valuable qualities for the supply of parrots, but to recuperate disease, boiled a positive effect.

maize parrots like to eat in the immature form.

Hemp seed gladly eat parrots, but t. To. In it, there are toxic substances, it is necessary to carefully give it your pet.

Green grain feed as unripe oats and wheat gladly absorb all kind

s of parrots.

sprouts is an especially good food for young parrots.Astern of germinated seeds should be carefully monitored so it does not become covered with mold.

Fruits and green fodder .For a better development of the parrot should be made in the daily diet of fruits and green fodder.Apples, pears, oranges, bananas give large chunks.Berries give a whole.Many parrots also love vegetables.As a forage it fit various greens with gardens.

animal feed. spread of animal feed egg is hard-boiled, feeding the crushed in a manger.

human food. can give parrots cheese and sausage, but in limited quantities.

Mixed feed. in pet stores today shelf crammed with a variety of feed for birds.But not always the mixture of ball like parrots themselves.It is necessary to select the appropriate taste and nutrient food, especially for your pet.

routine care. To keep budgies in the house, you need to determine the average temperature of the room in which you put a cage with a parrot.While acclimate parrot in the house, you can not avoid drafts.Draught can supercool parrot, which can lead to colds.If you can not protect the parrot from drafts, cover the cage at airing something warm.

Drinking water a parrot should be changed every day, you can not avoid stale water in the drinkers.Also on a daily basis it is necessary to clean the feeder from the grain husks, but after that fill fresh food.

Swimming .Most parrots having fun splashing in the water.But most of budgies love to wash in the dewy grass.To do this, put a tray full of wet grass and they will be happy to bathe in it.Even parrots love to bathe in the shower from a watering can, during the summer period of watering from a watering can warm some water, it is a great pleasure.

Shoe cells. Cells budgies should be cleaned weekly, completely wash out the entire notch and change the litter.

Shortening claws. for trimming claws need to buy special tweezers, which are used for trimming the claws of the animals.When trimming the claws have to be careful not to damage the blood vial in its claws.Although budgerigars are clearly visible.If all of a sudden, you still have touched a blood vessel, it should stop the cotton swab dipped in ferric chloride.

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