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How to properly sleep

The main requirement to the toilet to sleep - no belts, rubber bands, which compress the blood vessels.It is useful to sleep without clothes.We do not wear caps and Cheptsov on his head, dressed like our ancestors.But we should know that the body temperature decreases during sleep, and we can catch a cold.A hat or cap can perfectly protect against sinusitis and the common cold.

In the west people go to sleep head to the north and to the east go to bed head by sunrise.The Earth is like a big magnet and its field lines are drawn between the south and north poles.So how to properly sleep.And in what position the body is better restores power?

Scientists have conducted an interesting experiment.The subjects randomly went to bed in the evening on the floor.In the morning, analyzed how mood and health impact on the location of the body.As a result, it became clear that people are very tired, usually sleeping head to the east.If a person was very excited, he is head north.It is best to trust the instincts an

d let the body finds the position that he needed to sleep.It is only necessary to create appropriate conditions.

During the night the body position changes more than once.But how to sleep properly and in what position is best?Sleeping on the stomach - the best for rest and relaxation.

Our therapists also advised to sleep on his stomach to flatten the intervertebral cartilage.In this position there is no pressure on the kidneys, they effectively detoxify the body and wash away toxins from it.Gastroenterologists say that it is useful to sleep on your stomach on an empty stomach.When a man lies on his stomach or on her back, the bile flows into the stomach mucosa and corrodes so close to a stomach ulcer or gastritis.Sleep after dinner is useful, but it should not last more than an hour.

supper better to sleep for four hours.If this rule fails to comply with, it is advisable to go to bed on his right side.In this pose the most stomach is protected from being able to not hit the bile.Some parents teach children to bed on his right side, his palm under the right cheek.There is an opinion that the way the palm of calm, remove the excitation.

Tibet monk ensures that all children slept only on the left side.All day, as it were dominated by the energy of the sun, and it corresponds to the right side of the body.And at night it dominates the energy of the moon, and it corresponds to the left side of the body.Therefore, it is necessary to go to sleep at night on the left side.

should sleep eight hours.In countries where adopted daily rest less cardiovascular disease.

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