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Dog breeds Maltese

What lies in the title?

name Maltese or Maltese, gave the Mediterranean island of Malta.Translated from the Italian «Maltese» (Maltese) or "Maltese", as we sometimes say, apparently guided by the English pronunciation of the same word, which sounds with a similar spelling as "moltiz" means "Malta" and "Maltese" (residentMalta).In Russia, these dogs have long been known and have a traditional name - Maltese.All white shaggy dogs in our country began to call lapdogs after they were first brought from Bologna.Such dogs from Malta called Maltese.It should be noted that in Italy self bred breed Bolognese, in our opinion - all lapdog lapdog.In addition, the Maltese or Maltese in our and foreign literature, until recently, often called the Maltese Pinscher (sometimes even Maltese terrier that is completely wrong).Perhaps the most appropriate name for this breed in Russian would be "Maltese dog" or "Maltese".

unfading glory.

Maltese dogs for centuries have been extremely popular and loved.In ancient Greec

e and Rome, wealthy homes were holding special servants, and even doctors to care for pets.Often the presence of Maltese dogs indicated the high position and the owners of their wealth.Greek poet Oppian said that white dogs filled with leisure their owners, amusing them.Pliny claimed that, endowed with "healing properties", the four-treat the human soul, comforting him.About lapdog of one of the rulers of Malta, a Roman poet Martial wrote: "Issa playful sparrow Issa charmingly kissing doves, graceful maidens, Indian precious treasure."

During the Crusades Maltese dog hit many countries in Europe.Knights carried their ladies white silky gifts.Maltese dog liked all European royal courts.They were the Spanish King Philip II, the French King Louis XIV, the Empress Catherine II.

of art also could not ignore their attention so remarkable pets: lapdogs, sat on their hands nobles can be seen in the paintings of many famous artists - Titian, Veronese, Durer, Goya, Rubens, Tintoretto.

modern history.

On the first British exhibition of Maltese dogs show called "Maltese Terrier, or" Maltese spaniel "(love for the English terriers and spaniels was reflected in the names of rocks with Tibet, nothing to do with dogs in Britain do not have: Tibetan terrier and the Tibetan spaniel).Some of the exposed dogs were spotty, some - a lion cut.

selection and breeding for desirable traits led to the formation of different breeds lapdogs.In the book "Modern Dog" (1894) Ravdon Lee argued that because of the complex grooming Maltese dogs will never be popular.(While flowing hair "Maltese" combed parted without zakalyvaya strands of hair on the head, so that the dog looked like our Lhasa Apso.) However, the author fortunately mistaken breed now widespread.I must say that, of course, a pet, living next to the owner, was more fortunate.For them, some negligence in the "hair" pays the freedom and fun pastime.Unfortunately, this is not true of modern exhibition Maltese, especially those which are bred large nurseries: show-stars have to live like birds in cages, because the snow-white hair creeping train, the length is much higher than the growth of the dog requires a complex special care.However, the opportunity to find loving owners, on the one hand, in order to maintain a luxurious coat, much needed for victory in the exhibitions, and the other - do not deprive your pet walks in the fresh air and walk Maltese, like all the other dogs are very fond of.

representatives of this breed has always belonged to the category of dogs, "luxury", those remain today, even before us in the form of a puppy with a funny haircut special.It is in this form is accompanied everywhere by his mistress, the French singer Patricia Kaas, loyal Tequila;they parted, perhaps only when the stars have to go on stage.

At exhibitions Maltese experts distinguish two types: European and American.European dog is slightly larger, with a long body and a long head (mainly due to the snout).The US are smaller, more compact, and adding so-called "doll-faced", in which a shortened muzzle (which is often accompanied by a direct bite) gives the dog with affection the expression, complemented by low-set ears, totally invisible to the wool.


Podrazdelyantsya into three periods.

first: from 3 to 6 - 8 months.Short soft (puppy) wool, which is just beginning to grow, requires careful daily brushing.Sometimes it is necessary to do several times a day.

Second: from 8 to 12 - 18 months.The coat of the dog is beginning to change and acquires sufficient length.By the age of 10 - 15 months, the length of wool dog becomes its growth.There is a need to remove it in curlers, to protect it from dirt and injuries.

Third: 12 - 18 months before the end of the show career.Wool is a dense snow-white robes, exceeding the growth of the dog for 3 - 10 cm. This coat should be all the time to clean up in curlers.Each time combing the ends need to trim your hair to achieve aesthetic bottom line.

In case you are not able to comb the dog every day, and you're not going to take part in exhibitions with her when to cut it "for a puppy."So it will be convenient to you (much less scratching), and your dog.Short shёrstka if to wash it, not dumped into mats, and the skin breathe freely.

bathing dogs.

completely wash the dog must be at least once in 7 to 10 days for dogs participating in shows, and once a 10 - 14 days for family pets.The frequency of cleaning depends on the season, on whether the dog goes for a walk and how much it gets dirty.(In summer, you can completely wash Maltese every 5 - 7 days.) Without this procedure, your pet will become a foul-smelling animal with gray hair unattractive.

To wash you need to use tools specifically designed to coat this breed.In addition you need a high-quality shampoo moisturizes and nourishes the hair cosmetics, which includes a balm-conditioner for easy combing and prevent tangling and damage to the hair.The balm is usually added a few drops of oil, especially designed for wool Maltese (colorless, does not leave yellow spots).


One of the key moments in the care of the exhibition is the use of Maltese papilotok.Wool is separated into strands along the body of the dog and put into a small piece of paper (curlers).When laying need to make sure that the wrapping papers were not too thin and elastic, which is fixed curler, not too tight and not overtighten lock.Wool Wool is different from the Maltese Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu: have representatives of these breeds it is more rigid.A soft wool Maltese easy to damage the wrong sound around curlers.In no case can not clean the curlers dry hair.Before we wrap up the strands in curlers, you need to clean washed hair along the entire length of the hair thoroughly greased with special oil.You can not use burdock or castor oil, which is too aggravates hair (strands stick together, and the end of wash oil is absolutely impossible).When choosing oil for your dog, give up that which leaves an indelible fawn raid on wool may cause blocking locks after carding wool and does not allow a free fall apart.Using oil or an equivalent means very important in grooming Maltese, it protects the hair from damage and tangling, and nourishes it throughout.However, it must be remembered that every Maltese can be applied to individual reaction cosmetics.

When laying wool in curlers is very easy to use spray, which includes oil.Such spray not only facilitates combing (makes it easy to disassemble mats if they were), but also nourishes and moisturizes the hair.

eye care.

Unfortunately, many Maltese are losing their appeal, not only because of the well-groomed hair, but because of unpleasant smudges under his eyes reddish hue.Their appearance may be due to hereditary factors, improper nutrition (some foods cause allergies), the lack of eye care, hit them grow wool.It is only proper care, which includes daily washing and eye care, as well as the use of a balanced diet are a guarantee that your Maltese will look truly dazzling.

Beautifully decorated head Maltese dog breed - the real pride of the owner.Easier option: a few neatly plaited braids, if long hair.If it is too short for braids (puppies between 3 and 5 - 7 months), it is necessary to teach the dog to the tail.To lock it suitable only special soft elastic bands that do not injure the dog's fur.For the exhibition dog make one or two (depending on the exterior and the aesthetic preferences of the owner), the top note.

Maltese - amazingly beautiful breed has changed little since ancient times.The aim of modern breeders and owners simply love is the preservation of its representatives in the classical form flowing snow-white hair, proudly raised head, fluffy long suspension carried over the back tail!It is important to remember one thing: your dog will look beautiful just as much as the correct and careful care of it, you can provide!