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What animals are saving people

history zootherapy (treatment by communicating with animals) began with the American doctor Boris Levinson.He first noticed as an extremely vicious, an autistic boy who was brought to him at the reception, almost immediately found touch with his dog.It gave an incredible boost in treatment.Later people learned that sick animals clearly define the zone: a wonderful sense of the biofield and distinguish subtle human odors.They receive the information at the molecular level and bioenergy ... and heal.Not only is the product of the material - honey, poison, propolis, antlers, but also love the energy of the soul all its bestial.

He does not bark, does not bite

Raised dog will not rush to the passers-by and annoying uncontrollable barking the whole district.Is it still a puppy ... He accidentally and may bite.Of course, then certainly apologize, licked the wound (the dog saliva has antibacterial properties due to the presence of lysozyme in it) - and quickly healed.But the next time you and crumb bewar

e ... and teach your dog good manners.And look after your pet - to walk several times a day to feed, comb (small child to do such only under the strict guidance of their parents).We have all this and show a therapeutic effect Canistherapy (sobakoterapiya): Gradually the child learns to overcome fears, will be open, sociable, organized (feeding, walking in time!).Canistherapy also helps to improve the coordination of movements (son or daughter because the lead on a leash pet dog?).Communication with bugs and Bobby shows in all kinds of disorders of the nervous system and even epilepsy.And Spaniel with a pedigree and purebred mongrel can stop an attack of severe illness.However, people who study Canistherapy, there is reason to believe that every dog ​​breed and have "individual", your medical profile.Miniature Pinscher improve coordination.Central Asian, German Shepherds are taught to walk (after injuries, fractures).Broken hand movements?Let the little petting, scratching behind the ear Cocker.Important functions eventually recover.The most versatile experts believe the Chinese crested dog, which relieves asthma attacks, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, relieves allergies.Even the development of cancer in a dog owner is slowing!

What the doctor prescribes Purring?

Scientists have proven that normal cats need to receive periodic charge "bad" energy.Man, however, to heal, to get rid of the negative energy that has accumulated in a certain area of ​​the body.Kotofey feels it determines the patient area and ... lies at her bronchitis - on the chest, with a headache - in the headboard.This mutually beneficial exchange of energy and is the basic principle felinoterapii (koshkoterapiya), which, incidentally, is indicated in so many ailments!Purring cat activates the body's defenses, treats stress, high blood pressure, helps the fusion of broken bones, pain in joints and muscles.

However, the profile of "doctor" often depends on the breed.The child suffers from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, problems with the pancreas)?Cope with them will help the cat breed Sphynx.By the way, he also prevent relapse in those who are allergic to animal dander.Trouble sleeping?Need pussy (Persians, angora).Often ill colds kiddies shows a Siamese cat, and British blue will delight for small cores.All these doctors are different treatments: massage acupuncture points (for example, a hand lick tongue), anesthesia, acupuncture (playing, lets claws) ... But all of them have a positive therapeutic effect!

Dolphin: going to sea

Most kids love to splash around in some water, which in itself healthily.And if there will be waiting for a friend and doctor, like a dolphin, and enjoy the benefits only multiply!It features a water doctors advise resort little ones suffering from neurological disorders, autism.Smart Dolphins doctor on a special, complex but effective method.During the voyage they send ultrasonic waves that reach the sore points and regenerate and restore damaged cells.This same effect of ultrasound causes an increase in the flow of enzymes and reduced excitation of the nervous system, stimulates the activity of the brain and motor reactions.In fact, close communication with dolphins has beneficial effects on mental, verbal, physical development of the child.And, besides, dolphin promotes the release of endorphins - the hormones of happiness.Certainly, and my mom and dad watched with delight how the baby is bathed, want to swim, and at the same time to treat chronic illnesses.

Gallop for health!

In hippotherapy (horse as Dr.) Huge range of indications.Horse riding is recommended for cerebral palsy, muscular atrophy, spinal trauma, Down's syndrome, autism, obesity, vascular dystonia.When a child rides a horse, there is a natural body massage, working all muscle groups - and the sick and the healthy.This active training carried out on the reflex level: the child instinctively tries to stay in the saddle.It was found that a 1-minute rider is transmitted from horse to hundreds of natural vibrations and jolts that causes "work" and the vestibular apparatus.Massage warmed warm human animal muscle normalizes blood circulation, increases muscle tone and reduce body fat.Besides regular horse riding or pony helps the child gain confidence in themselves and in normal daily life too feel "on a horse."By the way, the healing is not only riding, but also the air is stable.Many harmful microorganisms, up to tubercle bacilli are killed by contact with vapors equine horse jot exhaled air.Not so long ago this discovery abroad was an alternative to the salt mines, which are used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

to consult a goldfish

Contemplation and care for aquarium fish are healing!If we exclude reaction to food, they are good for asthma (evaporating water makes the air moist, which makes breathing easier).Treat atopic dermatitis, insomnia, relieve stress (for watching fish dulled itchy skin, a man relaxes).In pharmacies USA Today even sell discs on which filmed the fish swimming.They are recommended to watch before going to the dentist.Maybe we should patent this method?Or to put the aquarium, have a pet?You decide, parents!In this article you learned what the animals save humans in disease states.

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