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Breed dogs - Siberian Husky

Who has ever seen this adorable dog can not stay indifferent.Cheering makes the appearance of the dog, some compare it with the wolf, as well as blue eyes, which, combined with the color of your dog doing incredibly beautiful.

seeing somewhere outside Husky, people start to think about buying a puppy of this breed.Not everyone knows that the Siberian husky will not ever live a toy dog ​​requires complex care, training, education.If nevertheless, you decide to get a dog, you need to know how to choose a puppy Siberian husky and how to contain it.Amazing dog breed Siberian Husky requires an individual approach.

The first thing you need to understand for what purpose you want to buy this particular breed of dog.It is important to understand that the Huskies never becomes a guard, because it is not a guard dog.Then determine if you can give a dog enough exercise?Husky created in order to run, the motion for a meaning to life.Keep the chain Husky is not allowed.

So, you have decided to choose a puppy of S

iberian husky.Coming to the breeder, parents see medical records to avoid hereditary diseases.Mother of puppies should not be aggressive, do not be afraid, it is permissible only in the presence of excitement outsider.If the bitch is aggressive or timid - it shows that the breeder is not engaged in education or beat a dog.Buying a puppy from such a person is highly undesirable, as the dog may grow aggressive or timid.

sure when choosing a puppy pay attention to the behavior of most children.Choose someone who stronger, more active.If the puppy is listless, does not play, then there is an occasion to reflect on the state of his zdorovya.No still before thinking about how to choose a puppy of Siberian husky, need to prepare for the emergence of such a serious dog house.Husky will never live happily, if not to give him the opportunity to run a lot and work.

derive a special breed to pull sleds with cargo.In those places where the breed originated places impassable and the only available transport is sled dogs.

Now more and more dogs of this breed can be found in the city, where they are kept as pets.If you live in an apartment, in order to ensure that the dog is enough load, it is possible to participate in various dog competitions.

way, dog training is best done with the help of professionals, as the Huskies very stubborn.

in communicating with children dogs of this breed is affectionate, she would never hurt a child, and he will be faithful nurse.There is no greater pleasure for the Huskies, than playing with the children, roll them on a sled.

When the content of the street, keep on a leash Husky is not necessary, it is better to build an aviary.These dogs are not afraid of any cold.You can see how at the thirty-degree frost, Siberian Husky sleeping peacefully in the snow.But I can not stand the heat race and prefers to rest in the shade.

thick wool Huskies require frequent combing, especially during molting.To the dog was in good shape, you need to with food dog received all the vitamins you can feed and finished food, such as dry and canned food.But best of all, if the diet would consist of natural meat, cereals and vegetables.Siberian Husky - a real working dog, large, and therefore must be a lot of food.

whether to get a dog breed Siberian Husky - you decide, but be sure before buying a dog should be sure to be sure that you can grow healthy, beautiful, obedient dog.

Siberian husky beautiful, smart, good-natured and hardy dog ​​that deserves adequate and experienced master.