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Breed French Bulldog

Breed French Bulldog.In puppyhood they behave like little children.They cry, they took to arms, like falling asleep in the arms of the owner.Their view is so faithful that it is impossible to deny anything.They love to beg food from the table, while also crying like children.If you've ever put the puppy to sleep with them, then it will be very difficult to wean him from himself.It is better to immediately show him the place, although it is very difficult to do, it will be very committed to stand at your bed and cry.But you should have enough exposure to sternly ordered to take place.A couple of times enough, the puppy understands and quietly trudges into place.French Bulldog Puppies are very playful nature, they are real small children who need attention and care.

Those families who can not have children for whatever reason, may find yourself enjoying this baby and education.Frenchy does not fade in the apartment of his hair does not smell.Of course as a puppy, he turns the whole apartment upside down,

but therein lies the beauty of the Frenchman.It does not require a huge self-care, you need to clean the ears of the extent of contamination, asthey had by nature big and stick out.Wipe eyes, they often tear.Aft Frenchman is not too critical, there is virtually everything important to properly allocate portions a day.When your baby gets older, he will have to derive a walk.To walk on the need to dress puppy clothes sewn specially for dogs, it is sold in any pet store, these dogs do not like the cold and the heat.Instead of a collar, it is desirable to buy a harness.

When selecting Frenchman must know certain standards, so you do not slipped mestizo instead thoroughbred bulldog. head should be massive, broad, quadrilateral shape.The skin folds and wrinkles uniform. muzzle is broad, short.Inspect the nose puppy nostrils should not be tightened, otherwise the dog will always snore. Lips from Frenchman fleshy, large hanging over the jaw.Lips should completely cover the teeth, in any case can not be seen to have been at least a part of the jaw. Teeth puppy must be the correct form, the lower jaw sticks out relative to the upper jaw.Straight teeth without strong gaps. eyes from Frenchman perfect round shape, very beautiful and comely.When he looks straight, white apple is not visible, only the black eyes as the buttons look at you with great affection. Ears standing like triangles, large and smaller bottom to the top. Neck almost there, it is very short. massive trunk, foot short little crooked, tail short by nature, a little bent. Color puppies: fawn, brindle, spotted.

choose a puppy, you must remember that I entered your house, baby first days will feel lonely.He took away from familiar surroundings, from his mother, where he felt protected.Just like my mother at hand, Frenchman must feel you have.The first night he is unlikely to give you a quiet sleep, and most likely you'll have to take him to bed.But then let him know where his place and demanding show him the place.If you give way to tears Frenchman, did not manage to wean him at all from your bed, and he would always sleep with you.It is desirable that the first time you were at home more often, Frenchman does not like to be alone for long.

Before you start to walk it, you have to be vaccinated by age.Consult your veterinarian about your pet's health, and on when you can withdraw and how long the puppy outside.Try to keep the baby does not supercool.For this we need to buy special clothes for dogs.And do not display it in the intense heat of the street.It also did not like the French.

If you follow all of the above simple rules, your child will only please you.By selecting this breed you will never regret, and when you want to get a dog again, you will once again choose French Bulldog!

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