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Obesity in cats and dogs, its symptoms and prevention

in our homes appears more and more animals are regarded as family members. Dogs and cats are our faithful companions, friends, on which you can rely. So we try to give them what believe best-of them - good dry food or homemade food, m-treat them, take care as much.H about, unfortunately, very often, our knowledge in the field of animal nutrition are not th tsya full and and we can n eosoznanno harm our mu favorite.Often food from our table contains too much fat and calories that leads to obesity or, conversely, contains insufficient nutrients, causing various disease states. Animals as people need to function normally , thanks balance th , Containing him vitamins and minerals power supply .T nly so they have a chance healthy development and an active, healthy lifestyle.

What is the correct weight of the animal?

And cats and dogs have is the concept of optimum weight, ie, when the animal feels itself well and his body works best.At about ptimalny weight affects many th - for example, floor animal , age and state of health. If your dog or cat is under constant veterinary supervision th , that each visit should be conducted his weighted parti- cle, to in s able to control weight pet . doctor , watching animals th, mo same t also give in am individually s recommendations urge you to move away from conventional standards. example, veterinarians often recommend a diet to reduce dogs ie, harvest guide from hip dysplasia, even if she according T ABLE , quite normal th weight .In this case, , slimmer than will dog, the better for th e health . Establish and maintain an optimal body weight for your his claim itomts and is very important, so do not hesitate to seek help from the vet.

Signs of obesity in dogs and cats

There breed , that show a predisposition to obesity .In the case of with dogs s , is l abrador retriever and with paniel, and at cats, the disease often strikes hybrids (mixed breed) . Obesity in kosh e to dogs or immediately noticeable about visually, although this is not always given due importance. However, it should intervene before, is animal reaches a dangerous stage.In on what should in al of Disturb:

- If your e her dog or cat e e is suddenly too small collar;

- if you pats e animal and feels e his ribs ;

- when looking at the top of the animal, in 's not Vidi those his waist ;

- e If your cat or dog gets tired easily has difficulty breathing ;

- if pet at a sharp decreased physical activity.

If you notice how second-or of these signs have your his Home his animals On , contact your veterinarian, who will assess the state of his health and can help develop the rightsupply.

causes of obesity animals

Needless to say that the responsibility for the health of our pets lies with us - owner ah . It depends on us, because, own animals mu nowhere Recipients it a balanced diet and the ability to burn calories while driving. In some cases, increasing the risk of obesity, for example, in old animals, at kotory x naturally reduced physical activity in animals after surgical intervention (sterilization) and as a result of various diseases,that interfere with the metabolism of have . In such cases, it is important to select the appropriate power system and organize the loading dose .

Diet for dogs and cats

If you have found obesity in cats or obese dogs, there are all the signs and prevention was not carried out in a timely manner, it is necessary to resort to the diet. If the doctor determines that your pet him have need to lose weight , in You should take an active part in this process. The first step is to buy food low in fat and calories in which th components are chosen so that the animal is suffering from feelings and hunger. The second step is to increase physical activity, that much easier in the case of a dogs s, that we go for a walk.Suffice n Simply increasing I absenteeism of to and extend their eniya time Yeni provided, dog will motion gatsya a constant speed. If with Koshk s , which are not always ready to play , we must exercise great ingenuity .In You can, for example, shine a flashlight on the wall and floor, thereby encouraging the animal to run for point second light . should also use toys that will provoke a cat hunting .

Stabilization normally On weight and

Once in s can help those your mu pet have to get rid of excess weight , in sWe should make every effort to ensure that to situation obesity not repeat ilas.The diet should be balanced, better to give pet food metabolic for some time.It is better absorbed and does not lead to accumulation of fat.Gradually you with Mauger those return to power for healthy animals. H of not neglect physical activity yu, do not stop exercising.Animals to ak and people , it allows not only to maintain a healthy weight, but have an excellent overall health. During visits to veterinary clinics th have convince e with s , that your pet smiling supports optimal body weight .

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