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How to care for pets in the spring

sexual activity in animals
Spring nature calls the whole animal world for the continuation of the species, and it is not surprising that our pets do not behave quite normally.The air temperature increase and the increase of daylight leads to increased sexual activity, it manifests itself in cats and dogs.

cat heart-rending cries haunt neither neighbors nor their owners.During this period, the animal begins to mark territory, does it unconsciously, and there is no sense to punish or scold him.The animal becomes very active, and some of them are aggressive and owners, and to relatives.

I call love and are subject to a dog.Especially dangerous stray animals, and during the "Dog Wedding" They are very aggressive and can even attack people.How to help our pets?To remove the anxiety of animals during hunting season sex in dogs and cats, can be given hormones injections or sedatives, but they are temporary.

better to give preference to the soothing herbal preparations, such as ("Fiteks", "cat Baiyun)," b

ecause the use of hormones can lead to various side effects such as inflammation of internal organs and tumors.If you are going to get from their pets offspring, in this case, the best choice would be - castration.Castration of dogs and cats do 6 months of age, females or castrated cats - with 10-12 months.The young animal transports operation easier and thus reduce the risk of certain diseases, so it is better not to delay the operation.

Vaccinations pet
spring is the time to vaccinate animals, since at this time activated by various viruses.A very important vaccinated against rabies.Such disease for many centuries, and is not always possible to save the infected person.Knowing that the virus is dangerous for humans, the host must be safe and make sure your pet vaccinated against rabies.

main source of infection are wild animals, as well as rats and mice, in the nature of this virus lives permanently.And who can guarantee that when you walk with your pet in the spring, you will not meet with infected rodents?If you notice that your pet out of the mouth drools, his pupils dilated, it behaves aggressively, or hiding in a corner, be sure to show it to the vet and try with this animal to behave cautiously.

Besides rabies, there are infection: fungal, bacterial and viral.The owner of dirty shoes can bring them into the house - and then get sick, your pet can not leave the confines of his apartment.
animals were vaccinated, regardless of the time of year, vaccinations are 2 or 3 months of age, then in 1 year, and thereafter repeated every year.At the present time against major diseases which usually get sick pets, comprehensive vaccine.Before immunization to cure the animal against parasites, since they reduce immunity.Depending on the weight of the animal, they are given medication for worms.

Implications of beriberi and molt
COAT pets varies depending on the time of year of age.Many pets shedding intensified in the fall and spring, but when it becomes pathological, that is coming off scraps of wool unevenly, it is worth paying attention to getting adequate vitamins and pet food.Vitamin deficiency greatly affects the well-being four-legged friend and his appearance.

If all goes well, then molt pass unnoticed, but the vitamin and mineral deficiencies may be a delay of molting, and then the hair comes out in clumps.When the diet is shown a lack of vitamins, it is recognized primarily for wool, it becomes dull.Poorly maintained, "spilling" disturbed digestion, at the corners of the mouth of cracks, the skin becomes dry.Not to get such troubles, for prevention need to be administered in the diet of minerals and vitamins.In specialty stores, you can buy a complex preparations.

Concerning feeding, if you feed the animals natural products, it is necessary to introduce vitamins in the diet.Vitamins are given for one month, and then a break of two weeks.If you feed the animal feed industry, while it did not bother, it is not necessary to give him extra vitamins.

We should not forget that in the fur of your four-legged friend need to watch, to comb out with special devices - for example, to use a special brush or mitt-tooth comb.Do this carefully, because the wool can be very confused, and then the process of combing is unpleasant.For such a procedure should be taught from childhood pet dogs in this sense is more pliant, but not all cats like to be combed out their fur.

Now you know how to take care of pets spring.Listen to the advice and remember, every animal in its own individually, so do not need to ride his problems, it is better not to decide independently, and as far as possible, try to show their animals specialist.In the words of the famous Antoine de Saint-Exupery: "We are responsible for those who tamed!"- And of course he was right.

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