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Saarloos Wolfdog

Basically, this breed is popular in the Netherlands, outside of these little dogs.Dog Sarlosa - very careful and attentive dog, she is wary of strangers.If next to it there are other dogs, then it manifested the instinct of the pack.At the same time, the nature of this dog is very independent and stubborn.The taming need to exercise more patience and tact must be approved by the owner of the leaders, not applying the physical action.Very good, if the dog contain a group of dogs but not alone.Puppies and dogs early age requires a good quality adaptation to social life.The height of the male wolf dogs up to 75 cm., And females - 70 cm. Weight with the usual 30 to 35 kg.As for the color of the coat, it is from light gray to black and cream with hints of brown and white dog encountered the breed.

information about the breed

As mentioned above, the founder of the breed, a Dutch breeder - L. Sarlos.The progenitors of this breed became male German shepherd and wolf.Progeny and they were taken for subseque

nt dilution.

Originally this breed was named "European wolf dog", but in the 70s, after the confession, it was renamed "sarlosskuyu wolf dog."

should be remembered that these are real dogs, not wolves and wolf hybrids, although the quality of some of these dogs is clearly a wolf.That quality is their extreme caution to everything new, including new people and animals.That is why from the very first months, the dogs must be accustomed to public life, so that in consequence the dogs did not arise a sense of fear and timidity.

If we talk about the nature, the dog has a very independent temperament, has the instinct of the pack and therefore the animal obeys the leader, although it is obedient.Dogs are very much attached to his master and his family, are experiencing acute separation from them, so with the birth of their need to periodically leave alone, accustomed to this.If you do not, then in a fit of desperation, they can destroy and break everything that gets in the way, as they will explode violently to his master.

Despite the dislike of solitude, they are very freedom-loving, do not suffer if they are kept locked.Very often they have seen the hunter instinct, especially evident when they are in a group of other dogs.

To properly raise a dog, you need to understand the nature and behavior, also need a lot of patience and effort, so if a person is new to the education of dogs, it is best to refrain from this breed.

With this dog absolutely can not achieve anything pressure.If you constantly without interruption repeat the same team, they very quickly get bored and they simply refuse to comply with them.

need to constantly engage in a special area for dogs with them to participate in the competition, which is very like the dogs of this breed, they enjoy and at the same time it helps to overcome the shyness that is present in them by nature.

Wolf dog is absolutely unsuitable for patrol duty.They are an ideal option for those who will be engaged on a regular basis and a lot of them, and the early childhood will be surrounded by other animals and humans, who can become a real "leader."

These dogs are very well-developed muscles, adding very strong.The skull does not have a wide and wedge-shaped head.The muzzle tapering to the nose, which is black lobe.They have large ears erect.In volchih dog has a thick undercoat and hair tight to the body and has an average length.On the neck, a small mane.Color is gray wolf, agouti, brown wolf, in some areas may be present bright wool.


Undoubtedly, the wolf dog can be trained as a companion dog in the family, but it is quite difficult and time consuming, education will require a lot of patience and is time consuming.

Do not forget about the temperament of the dog, it must be taken into account in taming.It is necessary to motivate her a couple of times when she executes the command, then it is likely to simply refuse, because the lose interest.

Although this dog is good contact with people, yet nature does not forget about yourself.If you really want to get a dog of this breed, you should stock up lots of patience and time.

appearance of the dog resembles a wolf, because it is strong and powerful.She is attentive and quiet, very restrained in their emotions, and surrounded by very wary of a new society, but does not show nervousness.

Suitable as a guide for the blind, because the nature of the wolf dogs have a separate, independent and very calm.


presence of genes smoothed German shepherd wolf habits, but the "savagery" in this breed is still present.She is prone to vagrancy, can sometimes behave not very balanced and very easy runs wild.In addition, there are the instincts of the hunter, sometimes allowing them to hunt small game.For this dog needs space and daily load for the maintenance of tone.A coat allows you to be outdoors in any weather.

Care and load

particularly stringent rules of care does not exist.Comb and brush coat is sufficient even a couple of times in two weeks.But exercise is necessary in large quantities.The ideal place would be - a big spacious area, which will not be strangers and animals.

training puppies

Usually females of this breed comes from 4 to 6 puppies, although there are 8. For proper education and training to start taming follows from the first months of life.