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Dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke

There is a legend that the Corgi breed appeared like a gift from the people of fairies and magic that this little dog is a strong spirit but she brings a lot of love and joy to those who keep the dog at home.

Color dog is black with red, yellow or a red.Presence of white markings on the head, face, chest, neck and limbs.

It is believed that the name "Corgi" emerged from the Celtic language, translated from his «cor» means "dwarf, small," but this can be translated as "home" or "watchman", and if you add to it«gi» or «ci», the word means "dog".If translated literally, it means "little dog for pastby cows."Also, there is a Welsh dialect word translated as "ugly, plain» - «cur».Corgis are very friendly and nice dog, so researchers are inclined to the first version origin.


Cardigan and Pembroke - are very different breeds of dogs, which also have different origins, they have a different character, demeanor.If the Cardigan Welsh Corgi comes from Cardiganshire County, which is located on the

west coast of Wales, the second in the south - Pembrokeshire.

Originally these rocks also looks very different, but now they are very similar in appearance.In ancient times among this breed can be found very different dogs, they differ in body length, tail length, color and growth.In the 20 years of the twentieth century, a group of Welsh Corgi recognized independent breed, and a few years later was organized by the club of the breed.The strongest contrast breed Pembroke - is its lack of a tail, unlike Cardigan.Dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke are born without a tail, and once this is passed heredity dominant gene.While in the UK for some time has been a ban on tail docking, the differences between the two species have become increasingly prominent, together raise these breeds are considered undesirable because differences overwritten.At exhibitions while these dogs treated single species as long as there were difficulties in assessment, however in 26 twentieth century breed divided into two types.In connection with this club this breed is also divided into two parts and is already in 34 species were recognized officially in English "The Kennel Club".

nature of Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Welsh Corgi Pembroke quite helpful and cheerful, curious, and therefore are often interested in their surroundings, which distinguishes it from Cardigan.This is a very cheerful dog, energetic, outgoing, not intrusive, they do not know discouragement and loneliness, t. E. Completely positive.Some even say that they are able to talk and smile.Some attribute his telepathic abilities, because they somehow miraculously able to guess the desire of the owners.This gift helps them in everyday finding something tasty.If the owner is busy and not paying attention to the dog, the Corgi at this time like to lie on the floor, where are the slippers or on the bed, stretched out full length, his feet at the same time they tend to straighten.If the planned trip, they eat all the food that falls on the way, they have a very good appetite.

Today it is grown as an ornamental breed dog, companion dog as these dogs are very loyal to the owner, affectionate and playful.But for all that they have the skills watchman, with a good heart, generosity, excellent health and good intelligence.

care and physical development

If we talk about leaving, it is very unpretentious dog, take care of it is simple and convenient;In addition, it hardworking and energetic.Wash often it is not necessarily enough to clean the hair brush that eliminates the odor.


From the first months is necessary to teach the puppy to interact with people.Dogs of this breed is very fond of gutting all the things that catch their eye, they do not do it out of spite, but because they have a lot of energy, effort.If the owners want to keep intact the valuable and important things that need to be stored out of reach of the dog place.

When Corgi train, they do not like to execute commands man they prefer improvisation.They often run around the yard or around the furniture, thus delineating the eight, it seems to them very amusing pastime.When their races, they spend a lot of energy and strength, respectively, and they want to eat a lot and often.However, they need to be fed in moderation, avoiding overeating, as this breed is prone to obesity.

size and weight of the breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke

At the height of the withers they reach 25-30,5 cm., While this applies to male and female.If we talk about the relationship of body length to height, it is 2.5 to 1.

Weight males usually 11 to 13.5 kg., While females - from 10 to 12.5 kg.

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