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How to keep the iguana house


comb iguana is not necessary - skin is smooth to the touch, like a cool silk, with wonderful bright colors: green, blue, purple, red, pink!To walk as it is not necessary - iguana is comfortable in the cage where you will fit for her inclined branch to climb up and a small swimming pool with warm water.This can be a basin or deep cuvette.Terrarium must take into account the size of the adult iguanas, approximately equal size cat weighing 5-6 kilograms and be quite spacious.But for healthy and comfortable living to your terrarium tropical animals must be equipped with the heated lamps to create the desired temperature, the thermometer to its control, the source of UV radiation for the assimilation of calcium iguana, as well as holes in the side walls to prevent air stagnation.


iguana meat is not necessary: ​​it is a vegetarian, but treats of insects or small mouse will not give up.Its main food - it leaves, shoots, flowers and fruits of plants.The diet can be supplemented wit

h cabbage, carrots, bell peppers.She chews the food, but only cuts its sharp flat teeth that looked into her mouth at once and see: they are located on the inside of the jaws and in addition transparent in young iguanas.

daily routine

Iguana calm and livable.Her daily routine is almost the same as a person: sleeps at night, is active during the day.If you want to keep the house healthy animal, your favorite night lizard is better not to disturb the loud music or the TV on: she needed silence and darkness.You can set the timer for adherence to 12:12.


Your iguana will fade like all pets.It can last a month or even two.Moreover moulting is not just across the surface of her body, and the individual sections, starting from the head, down to the tail.


Containing home iguana, it is necessary to bathe once a week, especially during molting.Bathing you can make in your bathroom, pre-heating it and fill in a warm (30-35 C) water.Try to keep an iguana swam longer: it's good for her.In order for your lizard during bathing could occasionally get out of the water and the rest put in the bathroom a piece of foam or wood.And make sure that sitting on plastic, it does not supercool.Bathe your pet keep no more than 30 minutes - during which time the water in the bathroom did not have time to cool down.After swimming and relaxing in the terrarium and perform good hygiene.


haircut is not just a lizard claws: claw at it hard enough.We need to do it very carefully so as not to cut a blood vessel passing through the claw.If you do it carelessly, the iguana will experience considerable pain.Therefore, trimming is necessary to use special devices, and not improvised means such as garden or nail scissors.With regard to the need for trimming claws there are different opinions.But one thing is certain: the claws clipped in a conflict situation will bring less harm your hands.

And now is the time to communicate with his well-groomed and nourished favorite.

Iguana - beautiful exotic animal with a delicate, thin and long, bright colored body.At Iguana good vision, very thin ear.She is the winner of the third (parietal) of the eye, helps her to observe the enemy from above.She is small, like a faceted head with a large bag on his throat for thermoregulation, which goes into the body.Torso with transverse rows of scales finishes very long laterally flattened tail helps it to swim well.In case of danger, its tail it can inflict a heavy blow or lose a tail when she needed to flee.Along the back and tail passes spiny crest, serving as a defense against attacking her.

iguana as brothers in arms

you will want to pick up the iguana!Just do it carefully, do not squeeze it.Take it with one hand at the site of the forearm, and others support the torso, pinning his hind legs and tail touching.While you will not tame, it will run away from you.Just hold it, so as not to hurt her!In no case do not try to hold her by force, as it may harm not only her health but also for your safety.Nothing bad will happen, but you will be scratched, and, worse, bitten.Do not hold it by force by the tail so that it will not dump him.In young lizards tail grows partially.But adult animals remain without a tail, making them difficult to move.

will take quite some time and it will get used to you and will be happy to travel to your arm, shoulder and back.It will be your joy, fun to move your short legs with long fingers on the floor in the room.

What to do if you caught an iguana teeth?

And while you make friends with your favorite until learn to understand each other, your relationship may be present unpleasant moments.To minimize them, you should take advantage of some of the recommendations.

If you grab the iguana teeth, do not try to force pull, pull it away from your body, arms or legs.We must remember that teeth iguanas can inflict serious damage to you, up to the suture the wound, or even surgery.

correct your action will in any way to force it to let go of the jaw.

can try to turn it into a different position, or close to her nostrils, which can make her surprise jaw to unclench.Perhaps, it will affect the strong odor and it razozhmёt jaw.Anyway, do not lose his presence of mind and act carefully and with extreme caution so as not to hurt yourself or damage the jaw lizard.Do not exclude the likelihood of infection through the bite and be sure to treat the wound with antiseptic.

If you'll remember that the most important thing in the relationship of man and animal - attention, patience and love, you will certainly be able to keep an iguana, and, in addition, to raise himself a good friend of this exotic animal!

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