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Repair and remodeling favorite homes

Most of us are dissatisfied with something in his apartment: "Now, if the slide door, attach the loggia, to combine the toilet and bathroom, it is possible to live."I would like to do re-planning?Please read this stuff and think: is it worth it?

Act guard

Dreaming about the convenience of their homes, few people think about the legality of this action.If you willfully pereplaniruete his apartment, according to Article 150 of the Code of Administrative Offences, you face a warning or a fine ranging from 1 to 3 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.The sum is simply ridiculous, and so many hesitant to do repairs and alterations to the beloved home without permission.The problem comes in when you're about to sell my apartment, donate, bequeath or to issue a pledge under the bank loan.Then it turns out that without help from the BTI, no such deal is complete.And any commission checking the layout plan of the original apartments, easily find 10 differences.Trouble can begin much earlier, at the stage

of repairs if your neighbors prevent the sound of a jackhammer or debris at the site.They can cause the audit committee, thus violating all your plans.

course alterations
apartments can legitimize and after the fact, but it is better to arrange the necessary documentation prior to the repair.You can trust all the matching law firm: it would be more economical for your time and nerves, but much more expensive for your wallet.Shows some law firms, the entire procedure of drawing up a complex redevelopment lawyers will need 5-6 months.Costs can be reduced if you prefer to design your own.However, the time will be spent a lot - an average of 6-12 months, depending on global plans.So, where do you start?

complicated procedure

Of Housing Code implies that redevelopment to improve the accomplishment of the apartment can be carried out with the consent of the owner, the adult members of his family and the local administration.If all households agree, it's time to go for approval to the district administration.Here, getting your application will require to produce documents proving ownership of the apartment, and the log, after which you will be given permission to develop the project.Then you can go to the project organization, or an architect who will develop a project of your redevelopment.Do not forget to check they have a license!The finished project should be coordinated with the chief architect of the district, as well as the fire service and the SES.Once in the district administration you will be given permission to start work should be agreed repairs and alterations to dwelling with your favorite ZhEKom.Written consent of the neighbors does not hurt.

When the repair is complete
, invites the Commission from the Department of Housing and communal services executive committee, which will take into operation update your apartment and give the act.And only on this basis, finally, BTI can make all the changes in the log of your apartment.

Faced with these numerous instances, and, worse, bureaucratic delays and bribery in this area, many homeowners decide to change his residence without any permits and approvals, having decided that "when need be, I will do."However, to do this then still more complicated and expensive.And when it comes to the sale or loan bail, often the owners are forced ... to rebuild all over again, returning the original appearance of the apartment!In this case, it should be legal also because, you see, is not very pleasant to live and realize that your neighbor is removed from the bottom bearing partition ... Conclusion?If you can not make alterations legitimate, better not do it at all.Your possibilities are not unlimited.

Redesign affects only the inner non-bearing walls in the apartment.But there are some limitations.

What can remodel:

increase the area by combining the bathroom tub and a toilet and connection of the corridor;

expand the area of ​​residential rooms due to the corridors and ancillary facilities;

make openings in the curtain walls;

dismantle the window sills of the walls with the installation of swinging doors to the balcony.

and what is not:

increase the area bathrooms at the expense of premises;

combine loggias and balconies with other spaces by sorting out the external wall;and transferred to the loggia radiators;touch-bearing walls, ceilings and ventilation ducts.