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Ecological, clean and comfortable home

fine tradition of "refining space" can and should continue.Especially that on April 22 the world celebrates Earth Day - a holiday based activists of the United States to protect our planet.However, to protect the world can do without reference to the date: surround yourself with eco-friendly things, do not leave garbage behind at a picnic, to maintain good relations with others - be eco-friendly with respect to nature, people and myself.We, too, have decided to support this tradition.After all, environmental, clean and comfortable home - a fairy tale!

Ecodesign apartments

planning a weekend out in the woods or at least in the nearest park?It turns out that a break from the polluted streets of the metropolis and other amenities can be ... unlocked door of his apartment!In fashion Ecostyle, interior rooms as close as possible to nature.How to create in your home an oasis of ecology?

Melody Meadow harp

course, had passed the days when sleeping wagon was carrying our ancestors along the dusty ro

ads - and the journey from Kiev to Kharkov took not a day or two, but for weeks.Adder envelopes with the stamp in the mailbox - something from the category of the exotic.Many people successfully mastered the space of the Internet and conduct correspondence exclusively by e-mail.The world has become too technologically advanced and urban.But this circumstance prompted people to turn towards nature.Residents were not enough of what had seemed in bulk: the noise of leaves, the fragrance of herbs, wildflowers ... Many contemporaries prefer to settle below the metropolis - in private homes.Or decorate the urban high-rise apartments so that they had the most natural and least artificial.For example, instead of the linoleum flooring, wicker tables, cabinets of rattan, pots of dried pumpkin, figurines made of straw.

However, not only the items a la nature - elements of green design in the environmental, clean and comfortable home.For example, a sheepskin on the floor, leather sofas - certainly natural.But not harmless.Ekostilya main principle: "Do no harm to the environment!" It is much more humane - wool carpet (animals sheared, and do not kill).A upholstery of upholstered furniture in the style of eco can be made of cotton, linen and other natural fibers.Another tenet of ecodesign - respect for the planet's resources.Ecology must be economical - this is the postulate of "green" home.Therefore, there is a decisive part of the open faucets, light bulbs that are turned off, only when we leave the house, the Ten Heaters for twenty square meters and other ruthless exploitation of Mother Nature.

welcome plumbing
with thrifty water consumption (with cork sinks, toilets with economy flush, taps dosed portion of H2O, special showers, and allow to wash well and cut akvapoteri).By the way, does not necessarily settle in eco items only from natural materials.You can make a nod in the direction of synthetics - if it is high-quality, no harmful substances that are not needed by the body.The main thing that thing lasts for a long time and really liked it.She did not want to send to the landfill in the near future - the environment will not be clogged clutter.Thus, the windows are not made of metal made of the gifts of nature.But if these products are made solidly with quality materials, they are durable, saves the life style ECO heat, in contrast to the wooden frames of the sample of the last century.Such innovations do not need to paint - hence, the house is surrounded by excess chemical fumes.In short, plastic windows fit well into the concept of green style.You want to live in an apartment eco?It is possible to organize.

Just play

air and space - the first rule of green design for environmental, clean and comfortable home.Get rid of unnecessary things - they clutter up the space, collect dust.Determine what is really needed in the interior, and finally send to the other world a terrible servant, which takes half the room and l put things in it for some reason is not enough.Choose functional objects: built-in wardrobes, folding tables, which can serve as both a bedside table.

Called Sun

Energizer of all living things - the sun's rays.Lighting in green house be built so as to best use the power of daylight.Windows - large curtained no heavy curtains.We arrange the furniture so that the rays of the sun penetrate to the remotest corners of the room.At night, use fluorescent lamps - they allow you to save energy.In the summer and in the spring (when the clear days is enough) good lighting that run on solar batteries.They are charged by natural light during the day and in the evening light up the room with no electric charge.

Color Kaleidoscope

highlight eco-design - color.No bright colors, screaming contrasts - a neon-lit streets accents evening metropolis.Colours ecological home should be peaceful: the color of sand, earth, water, stone.And, of course, is appropriate all shades of green!This color scheme may be the king of the whole apartment.

Mother Earth

Joy gifts of nature - the basic idea of ​​the interior for the green environmental, clean and comfortable home.Favourites here - furniture made of bamboo, rattan, wicker, cane.These materials are durable, water-resistant, do not cause allergies and create the illusion of an ordinary apartment romantic bungalows on the beach.And bamboo and vines grow very quickly.Therefore, the production of cabinets and chairs does not violate the ecological balance.Walls can be finished with natural cork.How to get it?Cut only the cork, and the plant itself lives on.By the way, all natural materials - excellent thermal insulation noise.They can protect themselves from the wind, sharp sounds from the outside.

Wood also fits into the concept of Green Buildings.Of course, to make the oak table, you need to cut down the oak.But such a giant will last a very long time - violation of the natural balance of its production would not happen.However, not all items of wood are environmentally friendly.For their production can be used adhesives and varnishes containing harmful substances.For green home furnishings fit with a special mark of ecological association FSQ.This means that the manufacture of such tables, chairs not hazardous chemicals.It is important to pay attention to the filling of interior affairs.Synthetics are not needed.Available environmental upholstered furniture, pillows, and other bedroom stuff.Inside of dried seaweed, juniper chips and outside - natural fabrics.

Second Life

Incidentally, in the ecological house is not necessarily all be new.Will look very original and dresser, inherited from her great-grandmother, if it is in good condition and fit into the interior.Things get a second life - another area ekostilya.Especially for green homes designers make vases from broken glass, chairs of bicycle wheels, showers from booths.These parts of the interior looks very juicy and meet important ekopravilu."Do not abuse nature!»

old friends

For ekokvartiry fit and quite traditional finishing materials: wallpaper, parquet.They are the key green design because made of wood.But they must be used correctly.Wallpapers attached to the wall using environmentally friendly adhesives based on natural fats, oils.Parquet laid special chain-way parketiny inserting into the slots of each other.And under his stele bamboo or rattan cork.Environmental bathroom can be finished with ceramic tiles.It is not cheap.Coarse tiles covered with paint and varnish, which when heated evaporate and emit harmful substances.But high-quality pottery made of clay, without chemical add-ons - pure gift of land.

front garden on the roof

Well, a green house without indoor plants ?!Friends in pots should be very much.They purify the air in the apartment complement the image of paradise untouched by civilization.The indoor garden can be taken in and out.Balcony, where there are "flowers with the name fool phlox" braided vines or ivy walls of houses - feature a natural design.Incidentally, in the concrete jungle of New York City parks break directly on the roof of a skyscraper - in order to improve the ecological situation in the city.This pleasing trend already has reached us.Houses with green hair is now in Kiev - in the area of ​​Victory Avenue, the Boulevard Lesia Ukrainka.

Lady luck

But not only give rise to the image of subjects of environmentally friendly homes.To him, first of all, important aura, relationships between people.The apartment is often heard laughter, friendship and peace reign?It can be considered environmentally friendly, even if not everything went smoothly in terms of design.Therefore, creating a green apartment, try to make sure that it was comfortable for each inhabitant.And then it will become a true island of harmony.

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