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The most beautiful shades of the season

How to transform an entire room at the expense of well-chosen curtains, do not make the wrong choice of style and style, will be discussed in our article "The most beautiful shades of the season."The choice of fabrics quite diverse.Everything to be perfect should take into account the latest trends and practical aspects.

Even some eight years ago were considered fashionable curtains that were sewn from shiny and dense tissue, they are now obsolete.Now considered trendy bright colors and natural materials, and materials - silk, linen or cotton.The once-popular tulle changed to other tissues, such as mesh and organza.

Huge selection of modern fabrics.When choosing fabric for curtains, you need to consider some illumination from the room.If the windows face south or west side, there is multi-fit blinds or heavy fabrics.But for dark rooms well suited translucent and bright fabrics.

If a small room, then it will suit fabric with a small pattern.Such fabrics are well combined with light wooden furniture

.It is fashionable striped fabric, but need to know that the band is able to expand the horizontal box, and a vertical strip draws a window, and how would it visually lengthens.

For larger rooms are especially good at drawing major tissues.Before you buy the fabric need to ask you to choose a consultant drawing to two paintings start with the same pattern.You have to be careful when choosing a bright color, as it may annoy many people.But the house is a place where you just want to relax and unwind.

The living room with the classic style will look good blinds from a good and robust fabric.The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the interior.A perfect complement will be different pelmets, curtains, pick up.

the bedroom will be good to hang curtains translucent or transparent, they need to be supplemented with curtains made of thick fabric, which can protect the room from the bright and sunlight.Curtains can be decorated with fringe, ruffles, lace and beautiful drape them.

In the children's better to hang curtains with thematic or a graphic pattern from natural fabrics.

the kitchen window need to draw with light fabrics that pass enough air or light.You can use a short, small curtains.Often the kitchen to hang curtains with floral, beautiful pattern, with some geometric patterns or stripes.It is necessary to give preference to material which is washable and resistant to a couple.

We need to know a few rules to take another window:

  • Shire box will do, if the curtains will fall outside your window.
  • For small windows a good solution will be transparent curtains that can visually enlarge the window.
  • wide window can be made smaller if only hang curtains within the frame.
  • If the windows of different shapes and sizes all of them can be with the appropriate design of curtains, to give the same form.
  • increase the height of the window can be visually, if you hang on it ruffles.

How can I calculate how much fabric you need for curtains?

Decoration of windows in most cases, based on the use of fabric cloths, curtains it is easy to make yourself.First, calculate how much fabric you need.If we do a short curtain, then measure the height of the curtains from the eaves to the window sill minus one centimeter.And if we do the curtains, the standard length, measured from the eaves to the floor, minus 1.5 or 2 cm.

us add allowances to bend the bottom 1.5 - 2 centimeters and to reserve top curtains add 1.5 centimeters.The width of the curtain will depend on the density of the assembly.If the fabric is heavy, the width of the material will take it to exceed the entire width, 2 - 2, 5 times.For light fabrics, fabric width exceeding the width of the curtains three times.

If the upper edge we will use braid Curtain with loops, then it needs to buy more at 15 - 20 cm, than the width of the curtain itself is.Because pritachivaya braid, she has the ability to stretch.Type webbing must be chosen based on the thickness of the fabric.For thin and light fabrics will approach this band that will gather tissue in small folds, and for thick - one that will bring together in a wide folds.


in accordance with existing yardstick cutting tissue.The sides of the curtains inside podvernёm 1.5 - 2 cm, stitched and ironed them.The upper edge of the curtain prishёm braid, with its podvernёm a half centimeters.To braid lie flat and not bristled, it must be trained before it.The ends of the braid

press it inside 3 cm, this pre-pull cords.We make a wide hem, if you wish, you can sew weighting.Then clean this up evenly on both sides of the curtain, we fix the cord nodules.Now blind is ready and you can hang it.

has now become very popular Japanese curtains.They consist of several flat panels of fabric that move on a specially made eaves.On these curtains at the bottom and at the top there are hard inserts that will not fold curtains.These simple and stylish curtains, perfectly fit into any decor.Plus these curtains, they practically do not collect dust.

To make such drapes, buy special cornice and guides.Already cloth fabrics we choose any.Side sections podvernёm and stitched.Fabric into the guide.In Japanese curtains would look nice contrasting fabric.

Of course, you can do without curtains or blinds to use, but to the window did not seem ugly and boring, on the ledge zadrapiruem piece of cloth.

can make the most beautiful shades of this season and fully, we use your imagination.For this later part of the fabric asymmetrically, make imitation draped pelmet on the ends of the cornice will be tying knots.Or take and use any clips, beads, ribbons, decorative flowers.Thus, we will make fashionable and beautiful curtains, which will become a beautiful and stylish interior decoration.

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