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Proper positioning of the paintings on the wall

Naturally we're not talking about some kind of antique exhibits and masterpieces of auctions and exhibitions.You can do inexpensive paintings by unknown artists or your own pictures if you, of course, know how to draw.Before you choose a picture, think about the fact that it will be constantly in front of your eyes.Be sure to first decide which particular room you chose to hang a picture.If you are not sure which option will suit you better consult a specialist designers.

Suppose you decided to buy some paintings, and here they are in your house.But all your efforts to diversify the interior can be reduced to zero if the picture is not correctly positioned on the wall.There are several recommendations for the placement of paintings that will show the picture in all its glory.

most important rule - do not hang pictures are very high.The optimum height is about five feet above the floor, so it was the middle at about eye level.The living room should be placed a picture so that it was convenient to consi

der the person who will be sitting.There is one trick - try to hang a picture just below the level that you have selected.

If you decide to hang out in the room a few pictures, the main group them correctly.Do not hang the pictures on the walls of the room - the unity of the composition will be destroyed.If pictures have the same dimensions, they can hang horizontally one after another with equal spacing.Pictures of different sizes better place one above the other, but the main thing is not in order to reduce or increase the size.It is appropriate to hang pictures on the sofa, over a table or chest of drawers low.Next to the high furniture is better to place the horizontal web.They will help to effectively support the situation room, to create a unified ensemble.Also important is the combination of pictures together in style.

There is another way of grouping paintings, which will also be effective in making the right interior.This method involves placing in the center of the big picture and several small around.Or small paintings hang in a row, and more - to hang right or left of them, at a distance of about 30 cm. If you decide to hang horizontally two paintings of different sizes, the larger the canvas is slightly above the post, which will allow more convenient to consider a smaller image.

picture to look more impressive, they are often highlighted.This mount lights over each picture is not necessarily enough to ensure a good lighting throughout the room.If you do decide to illuminate the canvas, direct lamp image and moving it, find the point at which the light is evenly dispensed on the canvas, without creating shadows and highlights.To color the picture is not distorted, and thus it is well lit, use only low-voltage halogen bulbs.

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