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Buying furniture for the home: table

Today, the family rarely eats at the same dinner table .The days when going to all the inhabitants of the apartment or house in the far past and forgotten in the pages of historical novels.Study, work, it takes time and energy that would have wanted to spend with your family.Many meet for dinner is simply impossible, we can only expect a maximum of dinner together.Dining table for meal unites people of different generations and attitudes.He is like a meeting point, without which you can not do all of us.And even if they managed to get together, then we found another problem - the table where you can not accommodate."In close quarters, but not mad" - so says a Russian proverb, which is perceived in our families, living in a small apartment as a reproach.

How to buy a dining table?Of course, you need to take into account the dimensions of the room, the number of meals per day, which will make the family sitting around the table.Comfort and convenience - that should contribute to the qualitative table.Fo

r each person, on average, space is allocated in width 70 cm., And the depth should not exceed forty centimeters.Typically, these parameters allow a person to feel comfortable at the dinner table.You do not need to be selfish and think only about the places for your family members.And if they come to visit relatives or where they Seat?Therefore, you will need additional space.Spare space - this is the perfect event, which can not always be translated into reality, but is certainly worth a try.

Now let's talk about the configuration of the dining table.Ideal - a round or oval table.We repeat that we must proceed from the size of the room and its design, because the inhabitants of the house to live in harmony with the furniture.If your square footage do not allow them to place on the living room and a spacious kitchen, then choose a square dining table.You can lean against a wall, how you can save if you do not square footage, so centimeters exactly.Note that there are square and rectangular tables.As a rule, square table placed just four people, while the rectangular table can accommodate a large number of visitors.

functionality - that's what you need so each family.The ability to move table, if you had a noisy and large companies, and collected, if you and your loved ones require space.Approach to choosing a dining table with all the responsibility.In addition to the form, and pay attention to the materials from which made dining table.You need to stop your eyes comfortable model that will delight our family for several generations.

impossible not to mention a variety of models coffee tables : square, oblong, round tables transformers, table-book.All of them are waiting for their owners, who left to bring their thoughts in order and to buy a beloved coffee table.For more functionality, you can choose tables with folding podstolya, iethey have a small countertop.If necessary, it can be used, for example, put the flowers on her home or cell phone.In a small apartment, that item will be a real salvation.

materials used for the manufacture of various coffee tables.From this choice easily pounded: natural birch, wenge, mohogon, pine and cherry.Do not forget that there is a direct relationship between the material and its color and shape of the desired coffee table.

Designers often use rates of glass.They visually enlarge the size of the table, due to what the table looks more elegant and richer.Of course, this is only an optical illusion: the size of the table remain the same, but the effect that produces the table - the envy of your neighbors who also will want to buy such a marvelous thing.You can also put a small lamp with colored or opaque light under the table.Thus, your cute coffee table lights up.One step has been taken towards a fairy tale.You can book a table made entirely of glass.Sure, you have to be careful with such a fragile thing.

We all remember one more well-known model of a coffee table - namely, trolley on wheels.This model combines the features of a coffee and serving table.These tables motion of your hands will move to the kitchen or living room, but also be used as bedside tables in the bedroom, like coffee or tea table.

Do not forget that well-chosen coffee table - another bar in your apartment or house, convenience and comfort, with whom do not want to leave!

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