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How to change the interior of an old apartment

Method 1: Stela Carpets

Even if your floor has not yet had time to lose form after the last renovation, with such wonderful things like carpet, you can dramatically change the look of your rooms.Thanks to the huge selection of colors and textures you can easily pick up a carpet under the already defined in your home interior style.The most socks while a soft material is considered carpet made of polyamide (nylon) - it is 10-15 years.If you are afraid of synthetics, you can stop their choice on fashionable now cover made of sisal.Before buying sellers are advised to first carefully measure the space, calculate its area, and then add to this figure of 10-15%: it is the amount of material will allow you not only to take into account when nastilke all the angles, but also to stock the necessary amount in the event of so-called "operational replacement".In addition to the cover, you must purchase and support for it, with the help of which you can align the floor and create a protective cushioning.If you

are in the room too much heavy furniture, you can choose to upgrade from floor tiles ... carpet.It can not be glued to the entire floor, but only on the most problematic areas.

question price: from 37 to 1500 rubles per square meter of carpet and from 500 to 1500 rubles for carpet tiles.


If the ceiling in some of the rooms does not look the best way, not necessarily venturing dirty and dreary history with its cleaning and whitewashing.Fortunately, you can simply order the ceilings.Your job - to choose the material and color.Everything else in the shortest possible time (for some 3-4 hours) will make the team for the installation and assembly of ceilings.When you buy in advance find out an important point: do not "sweat" Do chosen material - some models of condensed moisture.

Price issue: from 100 to 800 rubles per square meter.


Now we can think about the walls.To avoid painting or replacement of wallpaper, it is best to resort to the tactics of diversion.Select the winning place - most importantly, the front wall of your room - and make the most of her free furniture.This is where the highlight of the program will be located, for example:

• Mural - both paper and fabric;

• author mosaic;

• a set of ready-made decorative panels (with a picture, or just under frescoes).

Price issue: from 2000 to 4000 rubles.

Method 4: Decorate DOORS AND

Of course, you can buy new curtains.But you can do more radically - to get rid of them altogether.You'd be surprised how much more you will find a spacious old apartment, if you remove the cloth curtain and instead hang blinds or curtains role.Doors with glass inserts can also be quickly (and without prejudice to them) significantly transformed.Made of transparent glass can be easily obtained an imitation stained-glass window, stick to it if the electrostatic image.

Price issue: from 1000 to 3000 for the blinds and from 900 rubles per square meter rolls, Cassette curtains.

Method 5: Wear CASES

furniture does not look too great ...?Of course, you can call people from a specialized firm, and they will be engaged in a constriction of your upholstered furniture.But this, you see, stretched for a long time, and will stand a pretty penny (10 000).In an emergency there is a much cheaper and faster way to "restoration" of furniture: ready cases.Obmerte their furniture and boldly go to choose for her "clothes."Never mind if the cases will not sit on your furniture like a glove, because ready-made clothes and also not sewn on your specific, and at an abstract figure.But the main problem you really decide: get your room carefully chosen color textiles.

Price issue: from 2000 to 4000 rubles.

Method 6: Install the septum

Of course, we are not going to buy upholstered furniture.But nothing prevents us to buy some one small piece of furniture for the home renovation "of the landscape."In this sense, work with space is the best fit mobile, perelvizhnye model.For example, a decorative folding screen or a rack on wheels.This will significantly change the interior of an old apartment.

Price issue: 2,000 rubles.

Method 7: Make out RM live plants

you have already done so much, but the old, tiresome you living still lurks and find out!Well, look at it for the last time: the more you will not see her like this.After that, get in your car and go to a good florist.There you can buy not only plenty of the most picturesque plants for home, but everything you need for them: pots, stands, shelves and racks in any style.Make no mistake: if you install and hang all the splendor of the green in her living room, her appearance will change dramatically, and obviously for the better.For greater solidity can also purchase a humidifier and put it into the midst of your winter garden.You will be surprised how to change the interior of an old apartment like green "miracle."

Price issue: from 150 to 1500 rubles.